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    University of Zimbabwe leads in innovation as shown by the recent RIE exhibition in Bulawayo.

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    Our students have firm foundations in Business, Science, Health sciences and Humanities

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First step...

Manfred Hodgson formed the Rhodesia University Association, inspired by the promise of £20,000 by J.F. Kapnek for establishing a university.


University College

The Legislative Assembly of Southern Rhodesia adopted a motion proposed by Manfred Hodson for the establishment of a university college to serve the needs of Rhodesia and neighbouring territories


Source of funds

The Governor of Southern Rhodesia established the Rhodesia University Foundation Fund


Land is availed

The Legislative Assembly accepted an offer of land in Mount Pleasant from the City of Salisbury (now Harare) for the construction of the campus.


First Classes

A bill was enacted for the incorporation and constitution of the university. First classes began for some 68 students on a temporary site at 147 Baker Avenue (now Nelson Mandela Avenue)


Royal Charter

The British government formally adopted the institution, establishing the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (UCRN) by Royal Charter. The college was admitted to the privilege of Special Relation with the University of London the following year and in 1957 all activities were transferred to the Mount Pleasant campus.


Medical School Opens

The Medical School opened and was affiliated to the University of Birmingham. After the dissolution of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, the University College continued as an independent institution of higher education and research, open to all races.


University of Rhodesia

A phased termination of the university college's associations with the Universities of London and Birmingham began, leading to the achievement of university status as the University of Rhodesia


University of Zimbabwe is born

The University is renamed University of Zimbabwe after the attainment of independence by Zimbabwe

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