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The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) 2019-2025 Strategic Plan is propelled by the need for a new strategy aligned to the changing socio economic environment.


The University of Zimbabwe's Strategic Plan is inspired by the need for UZ to maintain its relevance in Zimbabwe and beyond as a leading institution. This strategy builds upon learning experiences drawn from the 2016-2020 Plan.

To ensure its effective implementation, a robust results-based management system (RBMS) will be promoted at all levels and through offering appropriate incentives.

New Focus

The new strategy therefore prioritises channelling energy and resources towards the most promising and attractive opportunities where the UZ has a competitive edge in its contribution to the country’s overall economic growth and development. Notable strengths include unparalleled expertise in research, teaching, extension and community services.

The University of Zimbabwe desires to be a leading centre of innovative research, education, and service provision that is responsive to the developmental needs of the nation and beyond.

Key Strategic Thrusts

  • 1. Post-graduate Programmes
  • 2. Innovative Research;
  • 3. Industrial Attachment & Entreprenuership;
  • 4. Talent Management;
  • 5. ICT Competence;
  • 6. Quality Assurance;
  • 7. Social Skills Development and Sports;
  • 8. Infrastructure Development;
  • 9. Revenue Generation;
  • 10. Institutional Management and Ethics;
  • 11. Marketing and Internationalisation.


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