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Department of Psychiatry


Dr Walter Mangezi

MBChB (UZ); M.Med. Psychiatry. (UZ)


General Overview

Welcome to the Department of Psychiatry website. The Department of Psychiatry strives to deliver state-of-the art teaching and research services that guarantee that the citizens of Zimbabwe receive comprehensive, relevant and evidence-based psychiatric and psychological assessments and treatments.

As the only academic Department of Psychiatry in the country, we are seized with the mission of providing our medical students with the best exposure, teaching and foundation in clinical psychiatry that best prepares them to recognize, diagnose and treat psychiatric and psychological problems that patients present with at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Based upon the large and diverse clinical population we serve, and the various clinical settings in which we practice, we believe that the training experiences of our current cohorts of students, residents, fellows and interns will produce a well-grounded critical mass of the next generation of psychiatrists and psychologists for Zimbabwe and the region.

The department of psychiatry has of late attracted an exponential increase in research funding through collaborative research hubs with other centres of excellence. A case in point is IMHERZ (Improving Mental Health Education and Research capacity in Zimbabwe), an educational and research development project funded by NIH that has seen the department collaborating with a number of talented investigators from across the world and expanding its research portfolio in response to emerging national, regional and international research priorities.

In line with the University of Zimbabwe’s aim of becoming a world-class academic institution, our Department aims to excel in teaching, researching, and providing psychiatric and psychological clinical services for the betterment of mental health service provision in Zimbabwe.

If you are a doctor thinking about postgraduate training in Psychiatry, or if you are interested in collaborative research with mental health specialists, or if you would like to contribute to improving our mental health services, do please contact us! I also urge you to read the summary of our educational programs on this website and to contact us if you would like more information on applying to one of our training programs.

The Department of Psychiatry at the UZ-CHS is vibrant, growing and looking to the future.


The Department of Psychiatry strives to execute the tripartite mission of the University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences through excellence in teaching, research and community service.

Our vision is to be a reputable centre of excellence in the areas of applied training, research, and service in the disciplines of Psychiatry, Behavioural Sciences, and Clinical Psychology demonstrating novel approaches responsive to contextual challenges facing Zimbabwe and beyond.


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