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Functions of the Postgraduate Centre

The main broad functions of the Postgraduate Centre are to:

1 Develop, periodically review, initiate and coordinate postgraduate policy framework and instruments for managing and governing the delivery of enriched quality postgraduate programmes in faculties, schools and departments.

2 Manage the registration, research training programmes and examination processes leading to the award of the MPhil and DPhil degree programmes.

3 Monitor the quantity and quality of the MPhil and DPhil postgraduate programmes across all the University’s faculties, schools and departments.

4 Perform all administrative duties pertaining to the efficient running of the Postgraduate Centre as well as communicate with faculties and supervisors on issues regarding students’ progress.

5 Create databases of supervisors and examiners and develop links with them to support postgraduate examinations and provision of feedback on the quality of the students’ research experience.

6 Assure the quality of supervision through development of instruments to manage the research process.

7 Ensure that suitably qualified academics are recommended by departments and faculties to act as internal and external examiners.

8 Act as a Quality Control clearing house to ensure that all the necessary requirements have been met by the students, supervisors, departments and faculties before MPhil and DPhil theses are dispatched to examiners for marking.

9 Facilitate world-class cutting edge research skills for both students and supervisors through mounting higher degrees research workshops, seminars and consultative meetings with deans of faculties.

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