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Statement By Former Chairman Of Council


drmasukuOn behalf of the University of Zimbabwe, I am delighted to present to you the University of Zimbabwe's Strategic Plan, 2019-2025, which sets out priorities which will guide the institution over the plan period.

The process of formulating a new strategic plan for the University has given stakeholders an opportunity to review past successes and failures, to determine our vision and future goals in the light of challenges ahead, and to put forward robust strategies for the development of the University, not only in response to changing and dynamic needs of stakeholders, but also as an active and participating agent to drive intellectual, social and economic changes. Conscious of the myriad of socio-economic challenges facing the nation, and Government’s pronouncement of the national vision for Zimbabwe to attain upper middle income status by 2030, the new Strategic Plan adopts a radical departure from a preoccupation with the traditional mandate of teaching, research and community service, to take on board innovation and industrialisation issues, that we firmly believe anchor and drive transformation of the national economy. The strategic thrusts attest to our unwavering commitment to be of relevance to the generation of solutions to existing and potential national socio-economic challenges through innovations that are consciously designed to contribute and drive the industrialisation of the country.

Our strategies for University education aim to enrich the learning experience for students and faculty by developing their self-learning skills, commitment and competences that will make them both innovative and entrepreneurial, and contribute meaningfully to a globally competitive and rapidly changing environment. We shall continue to engage in cutting edge research, particularly in those areas identified as our strengths, not only to make an intellectual impact internationally but to also benefit society in addressing challenges and needs locally, regionally and globally.

In order to accomplish the set strategic objectives, we recognise the need to develop an enabling environment in which our human, physical and financial resources are appropriately allocated and deployed to help the institution attain sustainable excellence in the delivery of Education 5.0- teaching, research, community engagement, innovation and industrialisation. Similarly, the University seeks to maintain a state-of-the art infrastructure that supports our academic endeavours.

The Strategic Plan is a result of collective and concerted efforts, comprehensive consultation with, and endorsement by the University’s various stakeholders, including Government, industry and commerce, civil society, University alumni, faculty and students, whose valuable input and contributions have been incorporated in this document. I wish to thank them all for giving us so much food for thought during the process of consultation and drafting of the Strategic Plan. I would like, in particular, to thank the University of Zimbabwe Vice Chancellor and his team for ably facilitating the development of this Strategic Plan, and the University Council for their oversight responsibility of steering and monitoring its formulation.

I am positive that, with the collaboration of all our stakeholders and the able leadership of the Vice Chancellor, the goals we aspire to accomplish will in time translate into milestones of which we can all be justifiably proud. We look forward to working with all stakeholders to achieve the strategy objectives and to ensure the sustained success of the University of Zimbabwe.

Dr Anxious Jongwe Masuka
University of Zimbabwe Former Council Chairman

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