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Mr Carren Pindiriri


Mr Carren Pindiriri

Qualifications: BSc (hons) Economics, UZ; MSc Economics, MPhil, (Oslo)(DPhil Student)

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extension: 14286

Research Interests: Growth, Poverty, Trade, Agricultural Technologies, Developmental, Environmental and Health Economics.

Mr Pindiriri’s Biography:

Carren Pindiriri is a Lecturer and a researcher in the Department of Economics, University of Zimbabwe. In the lecturing position, Carren teaches econometrics, mathematics, microeconomics, international trade, growth and development economics. Before joining the University of Zimbabwe, Carren worked for the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe as a business development officer. He holds BSc. and MSc. in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe and an MPhil in Development Economics from Oslo University. He specializes in applied econometrics. His research interests include growth and technological adoption by farmers in Africa, environmental economics, growth and trade, and industrialization of African economies. Currently, Carren Pindiriri is in the finishing stage of his DPhil in the economic costs of extreme weather events to smallholder farmers and how modern technology adoption could be used to mitigate these costs. Through his research, Carren has gained much experience in the problems faced by rural farmers, in particular, limited access to finance to improve their technologies. Carren has been involved in a number of researches; among them are: 1) Tariff regime and competitiveness of the business sector in Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC)/ITC), 2) Positioning the private sector in TFTA (ZNCC), 3) Zimbabwe mining revenue transparency initiative (World Bank, Ministry of Finance), 4) Economic costs of biofuels in Zimbabwe (UNWIDER), 5) Value chains and youth employment in Zimbabwe (SNV), 6) Measuring business confidence in the manufacturing sector of Zimbabwe (Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI)/ITC), 7) Strategies for Spatial Development Initiatives in Zimbabwe (Ministry of Industry and Commerce/ADB), 8) Poverty in Zimbabwe (AGRODEP), 9) Economic section of Zimbabwe Environment Outlook (EMA), 10) Mapping of women business associations in Zimbabwe (ITC) and many other University community researches.


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