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The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) (then University of Rhodesia) was established in 1955 in a system that was not recognising integration of persons with visual impairment though it was set up on principles of non-discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity and physical stature. It is possible that from its inception UZ admitted students with other forms of disability and integrated them in its academic and social fabric.

It is, however, noted that the visually impaired began to be enrolled in 1979. In 1987 the University of Zimbabwe established the Disabled Students Services (DSS) in response to an increase in enrolment of students with visual impairment who needed services such as braille, audio and large prints. Due to negative connotation of the word ”disabled” the DSS was in 2002 re-named Disability Resource Centre (DRC).


Striving to provide appropriate and user — friendly facilities, services and equipment for students with disabilities and conditions.


Enabling full integration and realization of students with disabilities and conditions potential through the provision of high quality support and advisory services.

The DRC is prepared to help any student with documentation from appropriate professionals including school records. The DRC also assist students with temporary confirmed disabled conditions such as fractures for a specific period.

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