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Environment Climate and Sustainable Development Institute

The Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development Institute (ESCDI) is a research unit of the University of Zimbabwe. Its main role is to coordinate cutting-edge research within the University of Zimbabwe on the environment and sustainable development. The Institute undertakes cutting-edge research in the following thematic areas:

  1. Waste Management and Air Pollution Reduction
  2. Environmental Assessments and Protection
  3. Poverty, Climate Change and Resilience Building
  4. Renewable Energy

Within these themes, the institute provides the following services:

a) Research and advocacy

The Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development Institute coordinates applied and policy research in the areas of Environment Management and Protection, Climate Change and Economic and Social Development and Community engagements in Sustainable Development.

b) Innovation and Industrialisation

ECSDI identifies and supports entrepreneurs producing goods from waste as a strategy to reduce the problems of waste in the nation. The ECSDI facilitates the process of developing guidelines for monitoring the impact of industrialization on the environment.

c) Training and Capacity Building

ECSDI provides Professional Short Course Training on Environment management and protection, Climate Change, Environmental and Social Safeguards, and Community Engagement in Sustainable Development, Climate Modelling, Climate Change leadership, Mitigation and adaptation, Climate Finance, Greenhouse Gas Measurements, Reporting and verification.

d) Community Outreach

ECSDI is involved in the designing and testing of models for community development focusing on community natural resources management, community-based waste management, and community based entrepreneurial enterprises.  

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