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Department of Pharmacy


Prof C.C. Maponga

Prof C.C. Maponga

B. Pharm (Zim) – 1982, MPS (Ohio Northern University), PharmD. (State of New York at Buffalo) – 1988, MHPE (University of Illinois at Chicago) – 1997


About the Department
In line with UZ mission statement the School will endeavour to continue “initiating assured pharmaceutical solutions for improved health standards for all”. The School provides a high quality pharmaceutical education, training and advisory services on a needs oriented basis. The above is guaranteed by maintaining excellence in: teaching and training, research and Service to the community. Carry out research relevant to the needs of Zimbabwe aimed at addressing the issues of drug availability, accessibility, affordability, and system accountability, which are major issues in the developing world.

  • Research focuses on applied pharmacoeconomics, pharmacy management, applied regulatory affairs pharmacy.
    Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy focuses on screening plants that have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antimalarial effects.
    Collaboration with sectors of pharmacy practice ie public sector, industry, importers and the drug regulatory authority


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School of Pharmacy
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