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Department of Rehabilitation


Our vision is to be and continue to be (and be recognized by others as) leaders working in the production of high quality rehabilitation professionals who are able to meet the expectations of our stakeholders in Zimbabwe and beyond.


Enabling our clients and customers to make a meaningful contribution to health and development in Zimbabwe. To this end, we provide high quality education, training and treatments on a needs oriented basis. We guarantee the above by maintaining excellence in teaching, learning, research and service to the community. We endeavor to improve quality of human life by enhancing self reliance and concern for others and help people prepare for and cope with life and disabilities.


General Overview

The Department of Rehabilitation in the College of Health Sciences was established in 1986 and the first intake was in 1987.  The Department currently offers two full-time undergraduate courses and one full-time postgraduate course as follows:- 

1.    Bachelor of Science with Honours Occupational Therapy (BScHOT)

2.    Bachelor of Science with Honours Physiotherapy (BScHPT)

3.    Masters Degree in Physiotherapy (MScPT)

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