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F. Gwavuya


F. Gwavuya
MBA (MSU), BBA (Azalia)

Research Interests: Marketing, Business Ethics, Consumer Behaviour

Published Articles:

  • Gwavuya,F(2013). “Ethical issues in Electronic commerce”, Osserea Bulletin, Vol X, No. 1, pp. 34-43
  • Gwavuya,F(2012). “An analysis of Organizational Commitment by Academic Professionals in Tertiary Institutions in Zimbabwe”, Estearn Africa Social Science Review, Vol. 28, No. 2.
  • Gwavuya, F(2011). “High Staff Turnover in the Zimbabwe Republic Police”, Osserea Bulletin, Vol.VIII, No. 1, pp.68-87
  • Gwavuya, F(2011). Leadership Influences on Turnover Intentions of Academic Staff in Tertiary Institutions in Zimbabwe”, Journal of Academic Leadership, Vol.9, Issue 1.
  • Gwavuya,F (2011). “Managing Change in an Organisation-An Overview”, Journal of Academic Leadership, Vol. 9, Issue 2.
  • Gwavuya,F (2010).”Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction Among Civilian Staff in the Zimbabwe Republic Police”, Journal of Academic Leadership Journal, Vol. 8, Issue 4.

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