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Dr. A. Mhizha

Deputy Dean & Senior Lecturer

G.J. Mandebvu
DPhil Student (S.A.), MSc in System Dev. (UK), Dipl in Tourism & Hospitality Management 

Research Interests:

  • Rural Tourism and grassroots development
  • Capacity development trends
  • Total quality management
  • Smart partnerships in academic and professional training

Published Articles:

  1. Mandebvu G.J. (2011) The Impact of Tourism on Culture: Empirical Evidence from the Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, International Journal of Marketing and Technology.
  2. Mhizha A, Mandebvu G and Muzondo N (2012)The Impact Of Tourism On Culture: Empirical Evidence From Victoria Falls.International Journal of Marketing and Technology(ISSN: 2249-1058)
  3. Mhizha A*, Mandebvu G* (2012)Views and Perceptions of Stakeholders on Industrial Attachment for Students Studying Tourism and Hospitality Management at the University of Zimbabwe – in Search for Smart Partnerships Between Industry and the University. International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering Volume 2, Issue 5 ISSN: 2249-0558
  4. Mhizha A.*, Mandebvu G, Nyaruwata S, Zengeni D.F, (2012)Knowledge, attitudes and practices on the contribution of solar energy to sustainable tourism development: Empirical evidence from Zimbabwe.International Journal of Development and SustainabilityVol.1 No.2 (2012): 545–562 Online ISSN: 2168-8662
  5. Muzondo N.,Kaseke N., Mandebvu G., Mhizha A. (2013) Content Analysis of Zimbabweam Mission Statements: How Useful is the Ashridge Mission Model, African Journal of Social Sciences,Volume 3 Number 1 (2013) 97-110, ISSN 2045-8452 (Print), ISSN 2045-8460 (Online),

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