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A total of seven dictionaries and a more comprehensive Shona grammar book have been published. The Shona dictionaries include Duramazwi reChiShona (1996), Duramazwi Guru reChiShona (2001), Duramazwi reUrapi neUtano (2004), Duramazwi reMimhanzi (2005) and Duramazwi reDudziramutauro noUvaranomwe (2007). The Ndebele dictionaries include Isichazamazwi SesiNdebele (2001) and Isichazamazwi Sezomculo (2006). Soon to be printed is the Shona children’s dictionary. The Institute is also editing a Shona Agricultural terms dictionary.
The Institute has also photographed and published, as photographic reprints, important books that are rare or out of print. Three re-issues have already been published in this preservation program – Adoption and Adaptation in Shona by Herbert Chimhundu (2002), Essays on Report on the Unification of the Shona Dialects edited by George Fortune (2004), and the famous Report on the Unification of the Shona Dialects by Clement Doke (2005), which was originally published in 1931.

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