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Mr Abisha Kasiyamhuru


Mr Abisha Kasiyamhuru
Phone: +263 733 963 574
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Interests: Plant foods phenolics and possible application as Nutraceuticals

Mr Kasiyamhuru holds an MSc in Spectroscopic and Physical Methods of Chemical Analysis. He joined the teaching staff of Biochemistry department in 2009. Previously he has worked as a senior science technician in the Department. He is interested in research focused on the indigenous and exotic plant foods phenolics.

List of Publications

  1. Muchuweti,M., Nyamukonda,L.,Chagonda,L.S, Ndlala,A.R, Mupure,C. and Kasiyamhuru, A., 2006. Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity in Selected Medicinal Plants of Zimbabwe. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 41 (supplement 1), 33-38.
  2. Muchuweti, M., A Kasiyamhuru, MAN Benhura, B. Chipurura, P.Amuna, F. Zotor and W. Parawira, 2009. Assessment of the Nutritional Value of Wild Leafy Vegetables Consumed in the Buhera District of Zimbabwe: A preliminary Study, Acta Horticulture, 1, (806), 323-329)
  3. Muchuweti,M.,Ndhlala, A. R. and Kasiyamhuru, A. 2006. Analysis of phenolic acids including tannins, gallotanins and flavonols in Uapaka kirkiana fruits. Food Chemistry, 94, 415-419.
  4. Muchuweti,M., Ndhlala,A. R. and Kasiyamhuru, A. 2005. Estimation of the degree of polymerization of tannins during ripening of Uapaka kirkiana fruit. Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture, 85, 1647 – 1650.
  5. Muchuweti, M., Mupure, C., Ndhlala, A.R., and Kasiyamhuru, A., 2006. Characterization of Polyphenol oxidase from Uapaca kirkiana fruit. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 86, 328- 332.
  6. Muchuweti,M., Zenda, G., Ndhlala, A. R., and Abisha Kasiyamhuru, A., 2005. Organic acids, sugars and phenolic acids from Ziziphus Mauritiana Fruit. European Food Research and Technology, 221(3), 570- 574.
  7. Muchuweti, M., Ndhlala and Kasiyamhuru, A. Effect of Different solvents on extraction of tannins from Uapaca kirkiana fruit. Accepted for publication. Journal of Applied Sciences in Southern Africa. To be published in Volume 11, issue 1, 2005.
  8. Ndhlala,A.R, Kasiyamhuru, A., Mupure,C, Chitindingu,K, Benhura, M. and Muchuweti, M., 2007. Phenolic Composition of Flacuritia indica, Opuntia megacantha and Sclerocarya bierrea. Food Chemistry, 103, 82-87.
  9. Ndhlala, A. R., Muchuweti,M., Mupure,C., Chitindingu, K., Murenje,T Kasiyamhuru,A. and Benhura, M.A. Phenolic content and profiles of selected wild fruits of Zimbabwe: Ximenia caffra, Artobotrys brachypetalus and Syzygium cordatum. Accepted, International Journal of Food and Technology.
  10. Ndhlala, A.R., Muchuweti,M., Mupure, C., Chitindingu. K., Murenje, T., Kasiyamhuru,A., and Benhura,M.A. Antioxidant properties of methanolic extracts from Diospyros mespiliformis (Jackal Berry), Flacourtia indica (Batoka plum), Uapaca kirkiana (Wild Loquat) and Ziziphus mauritiana (yellow berry) fruits. Accepted. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2006.

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