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Dr Ruth Gora

Senior Lecturer







Dr Ruth Gora

DPhil (Literature & Philosophy and Senior Lecturer); M.Ed. Shona (UZ); B.Ed. Shona (UZ); Certificate in Education,Secondary (Hillside Teachers’ College: UZ)

Research Interests: Shona Language, African Literature, Language Policy in Zimbabwe, Language and Gender.
Current Research: Language Policy in Education, Gender and TVET. 


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Accepted for publication

  1. Manyarara, B. C. & Gora, R. (2015). Aesthetic of naming: Potential psycho-sociological effects of some negative forenames in use among Zimbabweans (forthcoming paper).
  2. Gora, R. & Manyarara, B. C. (2015). ICTs in Teacher Education: Enhancing Quality in Language Teaching and Learning in Zimbabwe. In Namibia CPD Journal for Educators (forthcoming paper).
  3. Muchenje, F., Gora, R. & Makuvaza, N. (2015). Interrogating the Concept of Time among the Shona: A Postcolonial Discourse (book chapter in print).

Ongoing Research
Researching on language planning & language policy in Zimbabwean education as follow-up to DPhil thesis findings.

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