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Programmes Offered

  • Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Administration
  • Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Political Science
  • Masters Degree in Public Administration
  • Master of Science Degree in International Relations

Description & Entry Requirements
The Department of Political and Administrative Studies offers two undergraduate degree programmes, the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Administration (HAD) and the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Political Science (HPOS). In addition, the Department offers The Master of Public Administration (MPA) and The Master of Science in International Relations (MSc IR) Programmes. The duration for the Masters programmes are a minimum of one and half years and a maximum of 3 years for full-time students. Part-time students would need a minimum of two and half years and a maximum of 5 years to complete the MSc studies. The MPA programme is directed towards graduates with demonstrable interest in Public Administration from both a theoretical and practical perspective.  The major objective of the MPA degree is to prepare and train students for skilled and competent high-level professional and academic manpower in the field of public administration.  

This is defined to include the traditional public service, parastatals, local authorities and private sector linkages which interface with the public sector. On the other hand, the MSc IR programme offers prospective candidates advanced training in the specialised area of International Relations. Training in this programme enhances students’ opportunities for employment in the diplomatic services, non- governmental organisations and international organisations.  To enrol into the MSc IR programme, one must have obtained at least a 2.1 degree class in BSc (Political Science) Honours degree or BSc (Administration) Honours degree or Law or Economics. It also offers a D.Phil. programme.

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