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Mr. Tichaendepi Robert Masaya

Senior Lecturer

Mr. Tichaendepi Robert Masaya

MA, Economics 1967, (Indiana University, USA); MSc Economics, (USA) 1971, (London); MIS, London 1974

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Extension: 14277

Research Interests Statistician/Econometrician, Time Series and International Trade.

Research and Publications

  1. Cross Spectral Analysis of Coffee Production and Employment Series, Nairobi – 1969, IDS University of Nairobi.
  2. Capacity Utilization of Nairobi Airport Facilities, Nairobi, 1970
  3. Spectral Analysis of Rainfall Variation in Kenya, Botswana and Zimbabwe 1978 Kenyan Geographer, 1977
  4. The Response of Agricultural Output to External Cyclical Excitation Zimbabwe Journal of Economics, June 1987
  5. A Search for Periodicities in rainfall occupancies and reflect on economic Policy design – Zimbabwean – early simplified publication “The Herald” February 14, 2003.

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