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Dr. Solomon Muqayi

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Solomon Muqayi
Qualifications: D.Phil in International Relations (UZ), MSc. in International Relations (UZ), BSc. Honours in Public Administration (UZ), Research Methodology Training (RMT) Certificate (OSSREA) and Gender Mainstreaming Certificate (OSSREA)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 0772 877 756

Key Research Areas: International Relations, International Political Economy, Politics and Development, and Regional Integration  

Published Journals in Refereed Journals
1.    Muqayi, S., and Manyeruke, C. 2011. “The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Southern African States.” African Journal of Social Sciences, 1(3), 149-165.
2.    Muqayi, S. 2015. “The Relevance of the Simplified Trade Regime in Addressing Trade Protectionism: Small Scale Cross Border Traders at Chirundu One Stop Border Post.” Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 12(3), 10-17.
3.    Muqayi, S. 2015. The Impact of the Chirundu One Stop Border Post in Addressing Border Protectionist Challenges. Mediterranean Journal of Social sciences, 6(6), 11-20.
Published Book Chapters
1.    Muqayi, S., and Manyeruke, C. 2015. “Food Security and Trade Protectionism: The Impact of COMESA’s Agricultural Programmes in Addressing Trade Protectionist Challenges on the Zimbabwean Maize Imports.” Organisation for Social Sciences in the Eastern and Southern Africa.
2.    Muqayi, S. 2017. “Subsidies and Food Security: The Effects of Zimbabwe’s Agricultural Subsidies on Maize Availability and Accessibility.” UZ Publications.

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