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Disciplinary issues

Where a students fails to observe the rules of students’ governing use of halls of residence, the Warden and his team shall institute investigations on the respective case(s) and submit their recommendations to the Senior Proctor whose responsibility is to make the final determination (either endorse, alter or reverse the decision).

• Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the provisions of Ordinance 30 with reference to punishable offences

The following is a summary of offences that attract serious punitive repercussions:

1. Harbouring of squatters (i.e. sub-letting)

2. Squatting

3. Violent behavior

4. Theft

5. Damage to University property

6. Cooking in residence

7. Selling/purchase of residence

8. Disruption of studies

9. Noise

10. Consumption of alcohol

11. Duplication of keys

12. Failure to surrender keys

13. Or surrendering fake keys

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