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    Faculty of ARTS

    Faculty of Arts is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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    Arts Degrees

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Level 2:  A student shall take and pass 4 core courses and 8 options from the list below:

Level 3 :  A student shall take and pass 8 courses from the above listed options, and a  Dissertation.

Level Course Code Description Prerequisite Course Units Status
2 HWAR0210 Developments in Modern Warfare 10 Core
HWAR0220 Modern Warfare, late 18th to 20th Centuries 10
HWAR0230 Introduction to Strategic Doctrine, Mechanisation and Air Power 10
HWAR0240 Strategic Doctrine, Mechanisation & Air Power in the Era of Two World Wars 10
HWAR0250 Military History of the 1st World War 10 Optional
HWAR0260 Battles and Tactics in the 1st World War HWAR0050 10
HWAR0270 Third World Conflicts 10
HWAR0280 International Security 10
HWAR0290 The Role of Media in Warfare 10
HWAR0100 Media and Literature in Warfare HWAR0090 10
HWAR0110 Contemporary Strategy 10
HWAR0120 Advanced Contemporary Strategy HWAR0110 10
HWAR0130 War and Society 10
HWAR0140 War and Society in Contemporary Africa HWAR0130 10
HWAR0150 Military Technology 10
HWAR0160 Arms Control HWAR0150 10
HWAR0170 History of Warfare in Asia 10
HWAR0180 Modern Warfare in Asia HWAR0170 10
HWAR0190 Guerilla Warfare 10
HWAR0200 Gender and Conflict 10
3 HWAR3370 Dissertation 40 Core


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