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    Faculty of Engineering

    Faculty of Engineering is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “engineering” for academic purposes.

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    Engineering Degrees

    Our mission is to enable our clients and customers to make meaningful engineering contributions

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Our Fees Schedule

Engineering Fees Schedule

Full Time

Tuition $638

  • Total Fees - $638
Part Time

Tuition N/A

  • Total Fees - N/A

Engineering - Surverying Fees Schedule

Full Time

Tuition $638

  • Total Fees - $638
Part Time

Tuition - N/A

  • Total Fees - N/A

Faculty Office Staff


Senior Assistant Registrar

Mr A Nyakazumbu

Nyakadzumbu A (Mr)

Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Administration (UZ) 

Administrative Assistant 

Mrs R Chidzikwe
Chidzikwe R (Mrs)
Bachelor of Management (Human Resources) Degree    (ZOU)       


Mrs A Nyamadzawo

Nyamadzawo A (Mrs) 
Cert. Audio Typing, Cert Office Administration

Senior Secretary

Mrs E Muranda

Muranda E (Mrs)

City & Guilds Full Secretarial Studies

Senior Secretary

Mrs N Precious Tengwa

Tengwa Precious N (Mrs) 
Bsc Hons. Sociology & Gender Development studies

Diploma in Executive Secretarial Studies                

Office & Information Manager

Mrs J Sadomba

Sadomba J (Mrs) 
Bsc in Human Resources Mgmt
ND in Secretarial Studies


Ms F Mutengwa

Mutengwa F (Ms)
National Diploma in Secretarial Studies (HEXCO)    

IT Technician

Mr CO Tsakira

Tsakira C O (Mr)

BTech Hons in IT, HND in IT

Clerical Assistant 

Mr H Guviriro
Guviriro H (Mr)
Diploma in Telecomunications           


Mr A Motsi

Motsi A (Mr) 
HND Mechanical Eng, Journeyman Class 1(Eng)


Ms M Ndimo

Ndimo M (Ms)

Diploma in Secretarial studies 


Mr E Dimingo
Dimingo E (Mr)
Cert. Weldex welding           


Damba D Mr

Damba D (Mr)

Workshop Staff

Senior Chief Technician

Mr K Musinwini

Musingwini K (Mr)

ND in Mechanical & Workshop Production.

 Senior Chief Technician

Mr C Makondo

 Makondo C (Mr)
City & Guilds T5 Telecoms           

Senior Engineering Instructor

Mr M K Kamangira

Kamangira M. K (Mr) 
Adv. City & Guilds London Instructor, FETC, Diploma in Architectural Technology

Engineering Instructor

Mr h Masanganise

Masanganise H (Mr)

HND in Mech, Journeyman

Senior Technician

Mr L Masaiti

Masaiti L (Mr) 
BA in Theology, Journeyman Class1                

Senior Technician

Mr P Mamvurura

Mamvurura P (Mr) 
Journeyman Class1 (Electrician), Cert. in IT (UZ), Cert. in PC Maintenance & Repair, 33KV Switching Cert. (ZESA)

Senior Technician

Mr L Gundani

Gundani L (Mr)
Journeyman Class1, City & Guilds T5, FTC in Mechanical Engineering.               

Senior Technician

Mr D Moyo

Moyo D (Mr)

Machine Shop Engineering Class1

Senior Technician

Mr E Moyo

Moyo E (Mr)
ND Mech.(Production), Autocard Technician, Automotive          

Senior Technician

Mr A Madzivire

Madzivire A (Mr) 
ND Mechanical Eng (Plant)

Senior Technician

Mr M Mlambo

Mlambo M (Mr)

Adv National Cert. in Capentry/Joinery 


Engineering Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

  • BSc Honours in Civil Engineering
    BSc Honours in Electrical Engineering
    BSc Honours in Mechanical Engineering
    BSc Honours in Metallurgical Engineering
    BSc Honours in Geoinformatics and Surveying (HSV)
    BSc Honours in Mining Engineering (HME)

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Faculty of Engineering


Qualifications: PhD Water Management & Hydrology (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands), MSc in Water & Environmental Resources Management (UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands), Post-graduate Diploma in Water & Environmental Resources Management (UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands), Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Civil Engineering (UZ).

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The Faculty of Engineering within the then University of Rhodesia was established in 1973 with technical, material and financial support from the British Overseas Development Authority (ODA). Most of the lecturers at inauguration were drawn from the University of London.

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