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    2017 August Intake

    Selections for August 2017 Intake are almost complete. List of Successful Applicants to be published shortly on the website.

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    Launch of the 2016-2020 University of Zimbabwe Strategic Plan

    Launch of the 2016-2020 University of Zimbabwe Strategic Plan by the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Science and Technology Development.

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    Strong Foundation

    Our students have firm foundations in Business, Science, Health sciences and Humanities

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    Discover. Learn. Become.

    At the University of Zimbabwe, we encourage academic curiosity and spur our students to discover

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MVVE501      Orientation to statistics, Medical statistics and Principles of Epidemiology

MVVE502      Application of computers in Epidemiology, Research Methodology and Research Reports.

MVVE503      Medical Statistics II and Epidemiologic study design

MVVE504      Evaluation of Diagnosti tests, disease, control and eradication.

MVVE505      Medical statistics III, Analytical Epidemiology, Database Management, Spreadsheets in epidemiology and Animal Health Economics.

MVVE570      Dissertation.

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