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It is advisable that you arrive in time for the Orientation programme that is normally organized for about five days immediately before the commencement of the academic year or semester so as to:

  • Participate in the Orientation programme. This is of utmost importance for all new international students
  • To view on time the facilities offered by the University and to get yourself acquainted with the new environment before commencement of studies

International students are encouraged to apply for a University of Zimbabwe study permit at the Zimbabwean Embassy or mission nearest to them before leaving the country of origin. Without a study permit, you may be refused entry into Zimbabwe and the University of Zimbabwe may not register you as a student. While it is strongly recommended that study/students permits be secured before departure for the University of Zimbabwe, it is however possible, at the discretion of the Immigration Department in Zimbabwe, to get the visa application processed on arrival in Zimbabwe. In such cases, the student secures a temporary permit at the point of entry into Zimbabwe, and is given (at the point of entry) fixed period of time within which to secure the student permit.

To apply for a student permit, you will need the following:

  • Residence Permit application form (IF5) fully completed and attested by a Commissioner of Oaths. The application form is obtainable from the nearest Zimbabwean Embassy or from the Department of Immigration offices in Harare
  • Letter of acceptance from the University of Zimbabwe
  • Proof of accommodation e.g. undertaking by institution to provide accommodation
  • Proof of payment of fees
  • Copy of birth certificate/passport biodata page
  • Chest X-ray report
  • 2 passport size photos
  •  Non refundable fee of US$200.00 for student’s permit application EXTENSION OF STUDENT PERMIT Below are the requirements for extension/renewal of student permit
  • Letter from University indicating continuity of studies
  • Copy of previous term/semester results
  •  Non refundable fee of US$200.00 for student permit extension.

*NB. The law requires all international students to ensure that their study permits are valid at all times for the duration of their studies. A study permit must be renewed within 30 days prior to expiry. Please contact the International Relations Office for assistance with your visa application processes.

Important Address

Principal Immigration Officer

Clients Services Centre

Students Desk

Department of Immigration

1st Floor, Liquenda House

Nelson Mandela Avenue

P. Bag 7717 Harare Zimbabwe

Tel +263 (4) 791913-9

*Please make sure that you get confirmation of acceptance to the University before making arrangements for departure. Once you have received your letter of acceptance to the University of Zimbabwe, make the following arrangements before you leave your country of residence. • Sign and return your letter of acceptance to the Admissions Office to validate your entry into the University • Ensure that you have a valid passport, or else, apply for a valid passport • Make sure that you have the necessary funds to cover your university tuition and living expenses • Secure a valid study permit (student visa).

At the beginning of each semester new international students are introduced to Buddies – a local student or a senior international student or groups of local and/or international students who take responsibility for introducing the University of Zimbabwe, the city of Harare and Zimbabwe in general to the new international students. By joining the buddy programme, you quickly get to know other students, make friends and settle in. What kind of help can you expect from the buddy programme?

  • A meet and greet upon arrival
  • Assistance with the registration process
  • A tour of the campus facilities, faculties and the city
  • A question and answer session where your queries may be answered about, e.g. life at the University, public transport, shopping facilities in and around the University and the City.


The University also arranges a special events programme for international students such as tour of tourist attractions, film evenings and the monthly international Coffee Hour

While there is a high demand for places in University student residences, efforts are made to ensure that international students are accommodated on campus. Alternatively, the University provides help, in an advisory role, in securing private accommodation for international students who would have failed to be accommodated in University residences.

International students are normally accommodated in the University students’ halls of residence together with the local students. The arrangement gives the international and local students the opportunity to know each other and make friends. Most of the student halls of residence are situated on campus. In addition to the halls, there are self-contained and self-catering apartments reserved for especially international postgraduate students. Each of the apartments comprises a bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. The provision of board and lodging is a self-supporting service and prospective students must ensure that they have adequate funds available to pay for the fees due in this regard. In the halls of residence, meals are provided in a dining hall at very reasonable prices. Students accommodated in self-catering apartments may, if they wish, have meals in the nearby dining halls.

The University provides basic furniture in the rooms and public areas in each residence/apartment or flat but students have to provide their own bedding and toiletries.

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