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Senior Lecturer

Dr Clever Mumbengegwi 

Qualifications: B. Econ (Hons),  M Econ (Monash )PhD , Washington State University.

 Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extension: 14279

Research Interests: Agricultural and Food Policy Analysis, Applied Micro-econometrics, Development Economics, Econometrics

Publications and Journal Articles:

Dr Mumbengegwi’s brief resume’:

Dr Clever Mumbengegwi joined the University of Zimbabwe’s department of Economics in 1982. He has accumulated extensive teaching, research and higher education management experience spanning over three decades. He has a respectable list of publications that include 2 books, 3 monographs, 4 journal articles, 12 chapters in edited books, 21 internationally refereed conference papers and 18 reports and policy related papers. He has taught a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, supervised numerous Masters Dissertations and several doctoral theses at several universities at home and abroad. His international experience includes a Visiting Research Fellowship at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA in 1995, a two year Visiting Senior Lectureship at the School of Economic and Business Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand (2005 – 6), Johannesburg, South Africa and served a six year term as the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Finance and Head of the GaRankuwa campus of Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa (2007-12). He also served as the Chairman, Department of Economics (1992-7 and Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies at the University of Zimbabwe (2000-4), Member of the University of Zimbabwe Council (1996-1998) and served on numerous Council and Senate committees.


Journal Articles:

  1. "Agricultural Producer Cooperatives and Agrarian Transformation in Zimbabwe: Policy Strategy and Implementation" in Zimbabwe Journal of Economics  Vol. 1, No. 3, 1986.
  2. “Some Observations on the Problems and Prospects of Socialist Agricultural Transformation in Zimbabwe” Economic Quarterly Vol 18 No4 1983

Book Reviews  

  1. Book review "Marketing Board Pricing and Storage Policy with Particular Reference to Maize in Tanzania"  by P. E Temu Vantage Press, N.Y. 1984 in Zimbabwe Journal of  Economics Vol. 1  No. 3, 1986


  1. Macroeconomic impacts of fiscal deficits: PDTPE Harare. 1996
  2. Macroeconomic Policy, Management and Performance in Zimbabwe: A Summary and Synthesis  PDTPE Harare 1998
  3. The Zimbabwe Programme of Reconstruction and Structural Transformation (ZIMPREST): Report on Workshop Proceedings. PDTPE Harare 1998

Edited Books:

  1. Macroeconomic and Adjustment Policies in Zimbabwe since Independence  Palgrave (Macmillan), UK 2002.
  2. The Manufacturing Sector in Zimbabwe: Industrial Change under Structural Adjustment (Ed) with Gunning J.W. World Bank/Free University, Amsterdam/University of Zimbabwe, 1995

Chapters in Books:

  1. “Overview of Macroeconomic Policy and Performance since independence”(with Mabugu R.) in Mumbengegwi  C. (Ed)  Macroeconomic and Adjustment Policies in Zimbabwe since Independence. Palgrave (Macmillan), UK 2002.
  2. “Financial Liberalisation and Monetary Policy in Zimbabwe” (with Nyawata, O) Chapter 7 in Mumbengegwi  C. (Ed) ibid. Palgrave (Macmillan), UK 2002.
  3. “Macroeconomic Policies and Agricultural Performance” Chapter12 in Mumbengegwi  C. (Ed) ibid. Palgrave (Macmillan), UK 2002.
  4. "Investment, Financing and Liquidity Constraints" in Gunning J.W. and Mumbengegwi C. (eds) The Manufacturing Sector in Zimbabwe: Industrial Change  Under Structural Adjustment  1995
  5. "Financing Investment in Zimbabwe" in Gunning J. W. (Ed) The Manufacturing  Sector in Zimbabwe: Dynamics and Constraints. World Bank/Free University, Amsterdam/University of Zimbabwe. 1994
  6. "Indigenous and Small Scale Enterprises in Zimbabwe" in Gunning J. W.  The Manufacturing  Sector in Zimbabwe: Dynamics and Constraints. World Bank/Free University, Amsterdam/University of Zimbabwe. 1994
  7. "Structural Adjustment and Small Enterprise Development in Zimbabwe" in A.H  Helmsing and Th. Kolstee (Eds)  Small Enterprises and Changing Policies.  IT Publications Exeter U.K 1993 pp 144  - 159
  8.  "Food and Agricultural Cooperation in SADCC: Progress, Problems and Prospects." Chapter 3 in Samir Amin, Derrick Chitala et al (Eds) SADCC: Prospects for Disengagement and Development in Southern Africa. United Nations University/ZED Press, Lond. 1988.
  9. "The Political Economy of a Small Farmer Agricultural Strategy in SADCC" Chapter 6 in Coralie Bryant (Ed) Poverty, Policy and Food Security in Southern Africa.   Lynne Reinner Publishers, Boulder Colorado, USA 1988
  10. "The Political Economy of Agricultural Producer Cooperative Development in post Independence Zimbabwe" in Hedlund H.  COOPERATIVES REVISITED, Scandinavian Institute of African Studies , Uppsala, Sweden, 1988
  11. "Agricultural Cooperatives in Zimbabwe:  Problems and Prospects" in     Proceedings of  the 9th Southern African Universities Social Science Conference  Dar-es-Salaam  1987
  12. "Continuity and Change in Agricultural Policy” Chapter 7 in Mandaza I. J (Ed) ZIMBABWE: The Political Economy of Transition, Codesria, 1987.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  1. “Globalisation and Human Development” Concept Paper presented at workshop on the 1999 Human Development Report. Poverty Reduction Forum/ UNDP Jameson Hotel 1999.
  2. “The Essence of Structural Adjustment Programmes” Lecture presented at a Workshop on ZIMPREST Elephant Hills Hotel May 26-29 1998.
  3. “The Impact of Macroeconomic Policies on Agriculture in Zimbabwe since Independence” Paper presented at an International Conference on Zimbabwe: Macroeconomic Policy, Management and Performance since Independence held at the Sheraton Hotel Harare August 18-21 1998.
  4. “The Relationship between Economic Growth and Human Development” Concept Paper presented at workshop on the 1998 Human Development Report. Poverty Reduction Forum/UNDP. Holiday Inn Hotel, Harare June 1997.
  5. “The Gender Impact of Structural Adjustment on Employment in the Informal Sector in Zimbabwe” Paper presented at a Conference on Promoting Employment with Gender Equality in the Context of Economic Structural Adjustment, Kadoma Ranch Motel 29-31 1997
  6. “Subcontracting in Zimbabwe” Paper presented at a Multi-Country Workshop on Enterprise Development held at Holiday Inn Hotel, Harare September 1997.
  7. “Investment, Financing and Liquidity Constraints: Panel Data Analysis of Zimbabwean Manufacturing Firms” Paper presented at an Econometrics and Research workshop held at the University of Pretoria, RSA. June 12-14 1996.
  8. Zimbabwe: Towards an Export Led Industrialisation Strategy?"  Paper presented at the Zimtrade Seminar on Export Led Industrialisation ,  Harare, May 29 - 30, 1995
  9. “Small Business Development in Southern Africa:  Policies to Promote an Indigenous Entrepreneurial Class".  Paper presented at a Regional National Economic Management Seminar, Cape Town, South Africa.  April 24  - May 12, 1995.
  10. "Zimbabwe: Economic Growth and Employment Creation:  Past Performance and Lessons for the Future"  Paper presented at an International Conference on Employment Creation held at the Harare International Conference Center, August 30 - September 3, 1993. 20 pages.
  11. Development of Indigenous Capacity for Economic Advancement:  The Current Situation and Future Requirements"  Paper presented at The National Workshop on Strengthening Capacity in Zimbabwe:  Assessing the Needs.  Nov. 8 - 9, 1993.  Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration and Management, ZIPAM. 22 pages.
  12. "The Impact of Trade Liberalisation on the Zimbabwean Economy" Paper presented at a workshop on The Economic Structural Adjustment Programme in Zimbabwe,  Kadoma, ZIDS. November 18 - 22, 1991, 21 pages.
  13. "Socio-economic Survey of Collective Cooperatives in Zimbabwe".  An Evaluation for the Organisation of Collective Cooperatives in Zimbabwe OCCZIM), Harare, 1985.
  14. "Some Aspects of Zimbabwe's Post Independence Agricultural Producer Cooperatives: A Profile and Preliminary Assessment".  University of Zimbabwe, Department of Economics

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