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The University of Zimbabwe has an assessment framework which is based on internationally accepted principles and that recognizes assessment as an integrated and essential part of teaching and learning. The Examinations Office is ultimately responsible for the administration of the examination process, publication of results and processing degree certificates for graduating students.

The Examinations Office is actively involved in ensuring compliance in terms of the Assessment framework and regulations pertaining to examinations management. It ensures the credibility and fairness of examinations.

Examination Timetable

Timetables are published at least six weeks before the beginning of the examinations. Candidates are urged to familiarise with the timetable and report any clashes or any other related queries to their Departments and the Examinations Office. These should be reported within a week after the publishing of the draft timetable.

Examinations are not held during weekends and public holiday’s .In exceptional cases, where there is need to have examinations during weekends and holidays that fall within the examination period, the prior consent of the candidates is always sought.

Examination venues

The following are normally used as examination venues:

  • Great Hall
  • New Lecture
  • Theatre 400 foyer
  • Llewelin hall
  • Humanities lecture theatre
  • Beit Hall

Other venues include departmental specialist rooms e.g. laboratories or workshops as well as rooms in faculties declared appropriate for examinations purposes.

Examination Times

The University has two examination sessions at the end of each semester that is May/June and November/December.

Examination guidance

In order to be admitted into an end of year semester examination, candidates should have;

- paid and cleared all fees,

- Satisfied course-work requirements as provided for by different faculty regulations.

Sitting Examination

  • Candidates should arrive at least fifteen minutes before the start of the examination,
  • Candidates to read carefully the instructions on the examination paper,
  • Complete the question numbers you have answered on the front page of the script/examination booklet,
  • Indicate your candidate details on the front cover of the script/booklet. Cheating is not tolerated, and those caught cheating are subjected to Disciplinary procedures. Candidates are advised to prepare for examinations and never to try cheating. The consequences of cheating in examinations are too nasty to contemplate.

Candidates may not

  • Be allowed to sit for an examination without a valid student Identity Card,
  • Be admitted into an examination venue if they are 30 minutes late for the examination,
  • Leave the examination room within the first 30 minutes or the last 10 minutes,
  • Communicate with any person during the examination,
  • Leave the examination room unless under escort.

Candidates with Disability

Candidates with disabilities use the Disability Resource Centre Venue for writing examinations. The Disability Resource Centre provides candidates with the necessary assistance.

Publication of Results

The end of semester examination approved results is normally published within six weeks after the date of the last examination. Individual result slips can be collected from the Examinations Office or downloaded from Results for candidates owing tuition fees are suppressed.

Download Exams office clearance form

Supplementary Examinations

Where supplementary examinations are provided for in the degree programme regulations, candidates are notified of the examinations dates by their teaching departments. Candidates writing supplementary examinations pay US$50 for each examination. Candidates should get more information from their departments.

Examinations Appeal

Should a candidate have reasonable basis for appealing against the decisions reached by the Examiners, the candidate should complete and submit the application for remarking form to the Deputy Registrar Academic. This should be within twenty-one working days after the publication of results. The written application should be accompanied by evidence of payment of US$20 which is the required fee.

Missing Examinations

Candidates are not expected to miss examinations but in the unlikely event that they miss examinations due to a number of unseen circumstances, they are required to write their departmental chairperson(s) and to attach all the relevant documentation. The Department’s Examination Board considers the issues at stake and recommends to the Academic Committee. The candidate is informed and appraised on whatever decision would have been reached at the time of the publication of results.

For exceptional circumstances refer to General Academic Regulations Schedule .

Re-marking is final even if it is lower than the original mark.

Contact Details

Physical location of the examinations office

Ground floor

Main Administration Building


Contact the following:

Mr J. Lieto

Examinations Officer

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Mrs G. Sithole

Office and Information Manager  

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