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Times Higher Education (THE)

University-Wide Access to Times Higher Education (THE)
Accessing Times Higher Education


What is Times Higher Education?

The Times Higher Education (THE) is an authoritative leader providing a global service that helps the world’s top universities achieve excellence. Times Higher Education is available for access to ALL university staff, academics, students and researchers. This is a unique and bold initiative by the University of Zimbabwe to strengthen and assert its status as a higher education institution of national, regional and international repute in the delivery of Education 5.0.

How do I acces the Times Higher Education?

Institutional access is now activated for FREE for all University of Zimbabwe academics, students, researchers and staff who can register by creating an account to access and enjoy all the latest opportunities, innovations, news and content. Creating an account ‘click’ REGISTER using an institutional University of Zimbabwe email address i.e an email account that ends with a email domain.  

What are some of the benefits of access to Times Higher Education?
Benefit                                            Comment
1. Global Academic Events Times Higher Education runs a series of summits, forums and symposiums throughout the year. Chaired by THE's editorial team, these events bring together global leaders and influencers from across academic, government and industry to debate, discuss and drive forward the future of higher education governance, innovation and research.
2. Online Teaching Platform Times Higher Education provides a platform for University faculty and staff to learn about online teaching, share expertise and connect with colleagues from other reputable universities across the globe.
3. Content Production Times Higher Education allows the University the flexibility to create and pitch our own content including articles, comment pieces, short videos and podcasts which are published. The content is published by THE and made available to approximately 3 million global viewers per week.
4. The World University Rankings The Times Higher Education is home to the QS World University Rankings, which provides global trusted performance data on universities for academics and sector leaders, students, governments and industry.
5. Publication of Commentaries Publication of commentaries from Vice Chancellors from participating institutions to the global audience (approximately 3 million a week)

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