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Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • Diploma in translation and interpretation studies
  • Diploma in translation

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Faculty of Business Management Sciences and Economics

  • Diploma business management

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Faculty of Education

  • Diploma in adult education
  • Graduate diploma in education
  • Diploma in educational planning
  • Diploma in technical vocational education
  • Diploma in infrastructual planning, design and development

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Faculty of Law

  • Diploma in women's law
  • Diploma in law

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Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

  • Diploma in veterinary nursing

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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Postgraduate diploma in anaesthetics
  • Diploma in mental health
  • Postgraduate diploma in ophthalmology
  • Diploma in occupational safety an health

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UZ School of Technology


  • Diploma in applied information technology

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  • Diplomas

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