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Human Resources


To be a leader in the delivery of high quality and value driven human resources management services and be recognized as such by our internal and external clients


Enhancing the quality of service delivery through hiring of highly qualified human resources at all levels and through retaining and optimally utilizing those already serving. To this end, the Department’s position is that the University should recognise and reward hard work and achievement as well as provide fair and effective human resources policies including recruitment and disciplinary procedures, which encourage transparency, justice, fairness, stability of tenure and trust.

Guiding Values and Principles

  • Fairness and equality of employment opportunities
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Commitment to team-work and co-operation
  • Creation of conducive working environment characterised by hard work, dialogue and mutual trust.
  • Clients and customer focused.
  • Identifying the University’s status of being host to the largest concentration of highly qualified and skilled workers in Zimbabwe through encouragement of continuous self –advancement and staff development of all categories of staff.

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