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Life Skills

The Life Skills  Centre is under the Deputy Dean’s Office in the Life Skills Development Centre.  It is manned by a Clubs coordinator who is responsible for the administration of a wide range of student clubs and associations on campus.  The clubs are involved in leadership and governance, gender, HIV/AIDS  and other health related issues, entrepreneurship and social issues .  All students are welcome to join.

To be considered a dynamic, innovative and dependable structural support unit for all clubs and organisations in all areas of student empowerment at the University of Zimbabwe

To inspire and enhance club unit’s capacity to transform the conduct of students by equipping those with Life Skills thus creating a  better  student adequately groomed for life in the outside society;

Integrity, unity and co-operation through teamwork

Behavioural transformation through empowerment
To create  students  who are  responsible, sensitive diligent global citizens that are not limited by social and geographical  boundaries.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide students with leadership skills
  • To support students in leadership positions
  • T0 explain the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS
  • To encourage and support initiatives relating to voluntary counselling and testing activities
  • Commission projects that sensitize students on subjects of gender, sexuality, tolerance and positive living
  • To mobilize resources and energies towards the positive exercise of civic rights with responsibility
  • Establish enterprises that will generate funds for the University Life skills Centre
  • To establish links between students and employers


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