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Sports and Recreation Department



To facilitate access to sporting and recreational opportunities to all levels of competences during the course of their stay at the University


  • Best athletes of all the local Universities
  • Champions of ZUSA games since 1999 except 2011 and 2014
  • Field at least 30% of athletes for CUCSA team


The department of sport and recreation has an eye to health and social values of sport. Apart from the fact that sport is recreational and enjoyable, inspiring and thrilling, it also brings students together and leads to friendships.

Sport contributes to self-development, perseverance and of course good health. Sport does more; it shapes people and teaches them to handle winning and losing. Sport reinforces community spirit. In short, sport is packed with benefits for whole University community.

The UZ administration takes the position that these benefits accruing from sports should be promoted and hence funds are provided to work to that end.

We participate in the following

Provincial and National Leagues


• Harare Basketball Association (UZ Stars)

• Harare Volleyball Association

• Harare Metro Cricket Association

• Harare Chess Federation

• Harare Hockey Association

• Harare Tennis Association

• Soccer– Division Two Harare Province

• Netball– Division One Harare Province

• National Athletic Association of Zimbabwe

Tertiary Institutions (Annual Events)

• Zimbabwe Universities Sports Association Games

• Zimbabwe Tertiary Institutions Sports Union

Tertiary Institutions (Biannual Events)

• Confederation of Universities and Colleges Sports Association Regional Games

List of Sports

  • Athletics
  •  Basket Ball
  • Cricket
  • Swimming
  •  Chess
  • Volleyball
  •  Darts
  •  Karate
  •  Lawn Tennis
  •  Rugby
  •  Table Tennis
  •  Body Building
  •  Aerobics
  •  Soccer
  •  Squash
  •  Taekwando



The Sports Directorate in liaison with the Sports Council draws the annual sports calendar which is inclusive of the various disciplines at the inter-Halls or residences, inter-Faculty and inter-Universities levels. Closed and Open Championships in various disciplines are organised.

Benefits of Athletics Participation

• Academic work can be stressful , you need to relieve tensions

• There is a potential benefit of obtaining post-varsity jobs which result directly or indirectly from playing sports at this level.

• Values such as , honesty , fair play and fairness , mutual respect , leadership, cooperation , perseverance and integrity are learned

• You will travel nationally , regionally and internationally

How to enrol

• Club chairpersons, captains and Hostel Sports Officers will assist you or visit the Sports Pavilion where staff will be pleased to discuss your needs

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