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UpToDate Clinical Database

Accessing UpToDate Clinical Database

Visit and log in with your UpToDate  username and password.

Creating an UpToDate Account


  1.  Visit
  2. On the top right hand side you should be greeted with the label “College of Health Sciences Library”  indicating that IP-authentication was successful.
  3. Click on the  link “Register” adjacent to the “Log In” link to register. 

Note Please note that to self-register you MUST be connected to any of our University of Zimbabwe Internet connectivity.

       Mediated/Assisted Account Creation

If you require an UpToDate account but you cannot access the campus network due to the prevailing travel restrictions, kindly send us your details which include Full Name and Surname and Email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for registration. Alternatively, contact us directly or via WhatsApps on +263 772 835 688 or +263 77 111 7777.

UpToDate Account Renewal

For clients who already have an UpToDate account, kindly note that UpToDate has returned to a 90-day account verification period. This means users must log into their UpToDate account from a registered IP address - on campus or at an associated clinical facility (Harare Hospital, Chitungwiza Central Hospital and Ministry of Health and Child Care, Head Office)

Users should be receiving reminders from UpToDate to re-verify their subscription both in the UpToDate mobile application as well as by email.

To check the date by which an account must be re-verified, users should log into their UpToDate account, click "My Account" and under the heading "Subscription," choose "View Expiration Date." Once a user logs in via registered IP, this date will change to reflect an additional 90-day period.

Offline UpToDate Content Access

Please note that when you have an UpToDate account, you can download the UpToDate clinical content locally to your mobile devices for offline access. With Offline content, clinicians can access all of UpToDate without an Internet connection—even in dead zones.

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