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Academic Mentorship Resources

Academic Mentorship Resources


The University of Zimbabwe through the Quality Assurance and Professional Development Directorate has developed and implemented an academic mentorship programme as part of professional development. The programme aims to support the professional development of junior and middle level academic as mentees who will receive support from their mentors. Access to relevant and quality information that supports the programme activities is key for the success of the programme.

This platform provides access to knowledge resources which includes databases, handbooks, policies and procedures, testimonials, manuals, standards and a database of University of Zimbabwe academic and research expertise.

Resources for the Mentoring Programme



Mapping of Mentors academic and research expertise

The purpose of the database is to provide a central online knowledge platform of faculty research and academic expertise profiles from across the University. The platform is searchable by learners to assist in identifying potential mentors.

Mentorship Handbooks

These handbooks provides a manual for mentoring programs with a framework and sample materials to help them prepare, develop, and train mentees prior to matching them with mentors.

Best Practice for Mentoring Programmes

This resource provides knowledge on specific recommended best practices associated with developing, supporting and sustaining quality academic mentoring programs

Mentorship with Industry Experts Resources

The Industry mentor resources provides knowledge on how the mentorship programme can be tailored to support the development of new goods and services.

Mentoring Journals

A collection of some of the top most rated electronic journals consistently providing information and knowledge that support the development, implementation and evaluation of various academic mentorship programmes in higher education.

European Journal of Training and Development

International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education

Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning


Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education

Mentoring Online Databases


Emerald Database

A multi-disciplinary and comprehensive collection providing full text access to content and articles covering the discipline of Academic Mentorship programmes.

ERIC- Education Resource Information Centre

ERIC is an online database of educational research providing authoritative indexed and full-text education literature and resources

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