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    Faculty of Science

    Faculty of Science is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “sciences” for academic purposes.

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    Science Degrees

    Our mission is to producewell rounded graduates of high caliber and provide quality consultancy services focused on socio-economic development of Zimbabwe. 

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Our Faculties

Faculty of Science


Prof M Muchuweti
Prof.  M. Muchuweti

The Faculty of Science is part of the University of Zimbabwe committed to training scientists for both national and international development. The programmes offered in the Faculty have had a long history of success. They have been needs-based with regard to national development and self sufficiency in national manpower requirements.

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These programmes have operated under tested regulations. It is not an exaggeration that the programmes have acquired international recognition. The MSc programmes that have been running have produced graduates for both the public and private sectors as well as academic staff for the new state universities. It is regrettable however that due to the critical staffing situation, some of the programmes have had to suspend enrolment of students. However, some MSc programmes, especially in those departments that had thriving link programmes, have acquired international recognition and attracted students from the southern African region. The Faculty is proud of its record in postgraduate training by research. In the past 10 years, the Faculty has produced 22 M. Phil and 47 D. Phil students, all of whom have been absorbed into various sectors locally, regionally and internationally.

 Research is a prerequisite for all academics at UZ for both confirmation of tenure and promotion. In the past donor funding for research was forthcoming from many organizations, such as SIDA-SAREC and British Council link programmes, but this has since been discontinued. It is worth putting it on record that the Faculty excelled in both accounting of the funds and producing good publications from the research projects.

Finally, the mandate of the Faculty is to produce so many Marie Curies, so many Isaac Newtons, so many Watsons and Cricks and many more.

“A nation that fails to invest intelligently in Science and Technology will be condemned to wither because of its short sightedness. Investment in Science and Technology is like hope grounded into action.”

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Science Programmes

Certificate & Diploma

  • Diploma in Applied Information Technology
  • Certificate in Applied Information Technology



  • BSc Honours in Biochemistry (BCH)
  • BSc with Biochemistry (Being phased out)
  • BSc Honours in Biological Sciences (BZH) with 4 different specializations in Botany, Genetics and Microbiology, Ecology, Zoology.
    BSc with Biological Sciences (Being phased out)

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