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Postgraduate Centre

Postgraduate Centre Mandate

The Centre shall do the following as part of its mandate:

  1. Act as an arm of the Academic Registry in the processing of admissions, registrations and/or examinations of higher degree students;
  2. Provide information on all postgraduate programmes offered by the University of Zimbabwe;
  3. Provide policy guidelines that ensure high levels of research scholarship, outstanding learning opportunities and intellectual property;
  4. Act as the flagship in the marketing, internationalisation and outreach initiatives of the University;
  5. Work with Faculties to identify and encourage research that has potential of producing goods and/or services that can be upscaled to end up in the Innovation Hub and at the Agro Industrial Park;
  6. Enhance research initiatives of diverse postgraduate students through conducting postgraduate courses, workshops and seminars to stimulate unique research outputs;
  7. Assist Faculties, Departments and Units in postgraduate dispute resolution;
  8. Provide an ambiance that promotes academic discourses among students for enrichment of ideas;
  9. Assist with mobilising funding from all types of partners for postgraduate students in the form of fellowships, bursaries and scholarships;
  10. Generally provide a unique experience and enrichment of postgraduate students’ learning.

To be recognized as the leading global Centre for Excellence and repute in diversified provision of Higher Education Training, Research, Community Outreach, Innovation and Scholarship.


The Postgraduate Centre provides diverse leadership in nurturing and producing higher degree candidates grounded in innovation and research capable of producing goods and services with potential to stimulate national economic development.


The PGC upholds the values of the University of Zimbabwe which are;

  • Knowledge;
  • Diligence;
  • Integrity;
  • Innovativeness;
  • Professionalism.



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