school and education









 1.  Constance Chifamba  A comparative study of the influence of formal and non-formal career guidance on career realisation  DPhil 2015


Cleophas Chidhakwa Quality management practices in rural schools in the mashonaland provinces of Zimbabwe: Implications for policy DPhil 2017
3. Joyce Tafirenyika A Study of immigrant caregivers` childrearing practices from birth to three years at Tongogara camp in Zimbabwe DPhil 2018
4. Zakaria Ndemo Undergraduate student teachers’ conceptualisations of Mathematical Proof DPhil 2018
 5.  Beatrice Taringa  Gender Representation in Zimbabwe ordinary level 2010-2015 prescribed Chishona literature texts  DPhil 2019
6. Oliver Mavundutse A Critical Examination of the role of action rsearch in improving teacher education in Zimbabwe: The case of three Masvingo Teachers colleges` DPhil 2019
 7.  William Deng Tap  Relative Effects of a Humour–Supported Instructional Approach on Interest in Mathematics among Secondary School Students in South Sudan Re-Settled Communities  DPhil 2021
 8.  Majok Mabor Matoc Apadier  An examination of Strategies for Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language at the University of Juba, South Sudan: Toward a Framework for English Pedagogy  DPhil 2021
 10.  Spiwe Joyce Maphosa  A Comparative Study of the Educational Internal and External Instructional Supervision in Primary Schools: A Strategy for Enhancing Quality Education Service Delivery in Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe   DPhil 2021
 11.  Hardy Chitate  The Ordinary Level History Curriculum of Zimbabwe from 1990 to 2015: A Critical Analysis  DPhil 2022
 12.  Kuir Jok Aleer Atem  The Transformation of a School Curriculum for Development and National Consciousness in the New State of South Sudan DPhil 2022


1. Alick Mhizha Strategic management challenges to small and medium scale enterprises : A case study of small and medium scale enterprises in Harare DPhil 2014
2.  Joyce Mujuru  A strategic exploratory entrepreneurship study of sustainable agricultural business: case studies of Mitchell in mashonaland , east province and Dotito irrigation scheme in mashonaland central province  DPhil 2014
3.  Samuel Gumbe  An analysis of the magnitude of corporate entrepreneurship in the Harare and Bulawayo manufacturing sector  DPhil 2014
4.  Edmund Marunda  The enhancement of sustainable tourism education and training in primary school level and rural communities in Zimbabwe  DPhil 2014
5.  Freddie Mupambireyi  An analysis of the challenges and survival strategies of the informal retail clothing sector in Zimbabwe: The case of Mupedzanhamo in Mbare and Avondale Flea markets  DPhil 2015
6.  Wilson Matamande  A critical assessment of Zimbabwe’s public sector financial management system   DPhil 2015
7.  Dorothy Zengeni  Tourism Infrastructure and destination competitiveness : A Comparative analysis of Victoria Falls and Nyanga, Zimbabwe  DPhil 2019
8.  Michael Kamoyo  Linking Agricultural Market Access to Agricultural Sector Poverty and Development in Zimbabwe  DPhil 2021
9.  Clainos Chidoko  The Impact  of Economic Integration and Intra-Industry Trade: The Case of Cereal Crops in Southern African Development Community (SADC)  DPhil 2021
10.  Ithiel Munyaradzi Mavesere  Impact of Zimbabwe-China Trade Relations on Zimbabwe`s Manufacturing Sector Performance  D.Phil 2022
11  Fanuel Hazvina  Impact of Zimbabwe-China Trade Relations on Zimbabwe`s Manufacturing Sector Performance  D.Phil 2022
12.  Solomon Samuel 


 The Drivers, Barriers, Enablers and Consequences of Innovation and Creativity in the Telecommunications Industry in Zimbabwe. A Conceptual Model  D.Phil 2022
13.  Moses Chundu  Determinants of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Growth in Zimbabwe  D.Phil 2022
14.  Desmond Ndedzu  Poverty, Land Reform and Productivity Among Resettled Farmers in Zimbabwe (Case of Goromonzi and Zvimba Districts)  D.Phil 2022
 1.  David Sibanda  Risk of side effects associated with the use of nevirapine in treatment patients commencing on nevirapine containing cart in a Zimbabwean setting  MPhil 2014
 2.  Milcah  Dhoro  Pharmacogenetics biomarkers for drug safety and efficacy in HIV/AIDS and TB treatment in Zimbabwe- A focus on Efavirenz Pharmacokinetics  DPhil 2014
 3.  Alltalents Murahwa  Prevalence of cutaneous human papillomavirus infections in Zimbabwe: Association with Non-melanoma skin cancers in patients with co-existing HIV Infection  MPhil 2015
 4.  Benjamin Chimukanga  HIV-1 subtype C Drug resistance mutations in patients on ARV Drugs at Wilkins and Chitungwiza Hospital OI clinics in ZimbabweIV-1 subtype C Drug resistance mutations in patients on ARV Drugs at Wilkins and Chitungwiza Hospital OI clinics in Zimbabwe  MPhil 2015
6. Sharon Nonhlanhla Mkumbuzi Dosage parameters for optimal loading during rehabilitation of Achilles tendon tears MPhil 2015
7. Jephat Chifamba Role of the sympathetic nervous system in the development of hypertension and metabolic syndrome in low birth weight offspring DPhil 2015
8. Winnie Y Mozirandi Evaluation of herbal medicines commonly used in Southern Africa for risk of enzyme inhibition based herb-drug interactions MPhil 2015
9. Monalisa T Manhanzva Prevalence of lamivudine resistance mutations of HIV-1 in sub-type C infected infants in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV program in Zimbabwe using the oligonucleotide ligation assay MPhil 2016
10. Doreen Duri Mhandire Pharmacogenetics of nevirapine responses: Role of CYP2B6 and CYP1A2 genetic variation in adult HIV-infected Zimbabweans MPhil 2016
11. Martha Chipinduro Diagnosis evaluation of urinary Lipoarabinomannam and genexpert for detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis in children MPhil 2017
12. Tinei Shamu Incidence of nephropathies in HIV patients on highly active anti-retroviral therapy at newlands clinic MPhil 2017
13. Tecla Mlambo The impact of HIV on the neuro-cognitive performance of children 6-13 years in Harare province, Zimbabwe as assessed by a locally validated and normrd neuropsychological instrument: an analytical cross sectional study DPhil 2017
14. Junior Mutsvangwa Evaluation , optimization and application of oligonucleotide ligation assay OLA in the Detection of Nevirapine Resistance Mutations of HIV-1 Subtype C in prevention of Mother-to –Child Transmission ( PMTCT) in Zimbabwe DPhil 2017
15. Tariro Dianah Chawana Aetiology of Treatment Failure in Hiv positive Adolescents on boosted protease inhibitor-based 2nd line regards DPhil 2018
16. Tsitsi Grace Monera Effects of Moringa Oleifera on the Pharmacokinetics of Efavirenz and Nevirapine DPhil 2018
17. Kudakwashe Mhandire Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-like Receptor (KIR) and Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Gene Variants as Determinants of HIV Infection Control and Imm DPhil 2018
18. Tapiwa Manyarara Formulation of a generic nevirapine oral paediatric nanoemulsion with an alginate in situ forming gel for sustained drug delivery in HIV positive children MPhil 2018
19. Faithful Chingombe Fabrication of antiretroviral drug-loaded nanoparticles and investigation of their pharmaceutical properties MPhil 2018
20. Racheal S Dube  Mandishora Molecular Diversity and characterization of human papillomavirus in women reporting for routine cervical cancer screening DPhil 2018
21. Tutsirai V Musingwini-Hwati Determination of pol gene pomorphism in human immunodeficiency virus type 1c infection MPhil 2018
22. Doreen Mukona Development of an adherence promotion framework for women with diabetes in pregnancy to improvr adherence to anti-diabetic therapy and perinatal outcomes DPhil 2018
23. Elizabeth Gori Cytokine gene polymorphisms in HIV and Cardiovascular diseases DPhil 2018
24. Helen Vupenyu Gundani Lived experiences of young women of the quality of obstetric care services provided by mildwives at Mabvuku birthing centre and its satellites in Harare, Zimbawe DPhil 2019
25. Augustine Ndaimani A chronic care-based approach to retain women in the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV cascade : Evidence from a mixed methods inquiry DPhil 2019
26. Farayi Kaseke A randomized controlled study comparing effects of standardized care versus conventional care on outcomes of stroke survivors (HIV + and HIV – and caregivers in Harare and Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe DPhil 2019
27. Maxwell Mhlanga Effectiveness of a modified care group model in reducing child morbidity in mashonaland east, Zimbabwe: A Cluster randomised controlled trial DPhil 2019
28. Cuthbert Musarurwa Host serum vitamin D levels and related gene polymorphisms in resistance and  susceptibility to mycobacterial tuberculosis DPhil 2019
29. Judith Musona Effect of antenatal intermittent screening and treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria in reducing preterm birth: A randomised controlled pragmatic trial in Harare, Zimbabwe DPhil 2019
30. Gladys Mugadza Early breastfeeding initiation and neonatal outcomes: An evidence based model addressing knowledge, attitudes and practices, Chipinge district, Zimbabwe DPhil 2019
31.  Farayi Kaseke  A randomized controlled study comparing the effects of standardised care versus conventional care on the outcomes of stroke survivors and family caregivers in Harare and Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe  DPhil 2020
32.  Leolin Katsidzira  Epidemiology, genetic and phenotypic correlates of colorectal cancer in Zimbabwe  DPhil 2020
33.  Admire Hlupeni  Cellular and humoural mediators of cryptococcal disease reactivation in HIV infection  MPhil 2020
34.  Farayi Kaseke  Development, implementation and preliminary evaluation of the effects of standardised care versus conventional care on the outcomes of stroke patients and their family caregivers in Harare and Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe  DPhil 2021
35.  Tommy Mlambo  Investigation of Correlation of Pro and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Levels with Traditional Markers of HIV Disease Progression among Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Naïve Adult Patients. A Cross Sectional Study  MPhil 2021
36.  Admire Hlupeni  Cellular and Humoral Immune Mediators of Cryptococcal Disease Reactivation in HIV Infection  MPhil 2021
37.  Leolin Katsidzira  Epidemiology, Genetic and Phenotypic Correlates of Colorectal  DPhil 2021
38.  Masceline Jenipher Makuvaza  Characterisation of Host-Schistosome Parasite Interaction: Disease Burden among Paediatrics, Mothers and Compliance During A One-Year Schistosomiasis Control Program in a Highly Endemic District in Zimbabwe  DPhil 2021
39.  Shingirayi Zengeni  Nano-optimised Polyherbal Formulation with Potential for Use in the Management of Skin Malignancy  MPhil 2022
40.  Vinie Marwa Kwoyang Kouamou  Analysis and Application of Novel Molecular Diagnostic Tools for HIV-1 Drug Resistance in Zimbabwe DPhil 2022 
41.  Lovejoy Mbusi Nleya  Bioavailability and Variability of Praziquantel Pharmacokinetics Due to Drug-Drug Interactions  MPhil 2022
42.  Taguma Allen Matubu   Effect Expression of PD-1 of Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate on Cell Mediated Immune Response and Cell Surface and  CTLA-4 Markers  DPhil 2022
43.  Abigail Kapfunde  Scope of Practice and Clinical Competences of  Midwives Working in Maternity and their Association with Maternal Neonatal Outcomes in Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe  DPhil 2022
44.  Tsitsi Lina Apollo  The Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Implementing the “Minimum Package” of HIV Care and Treatment Services for People Living with HIV along the HIV Testing, Care and Treatment Cascade in Zimbabwe  DPhil 2022
45.  Bernard Ngara  Population Pharmacokinetic- Pharmacodynamics Modelling Approach to assess the Utility of Antiretroviral Concentrations in Hair in Predicting Treatment outcome  DPhil 2022
46. Primrose Chikomborero Nyamayaro Validation of Screening Tool for HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND) in Adults in Zimbabwe DPhil 2022
47. Lucy Hazvineyi Mabaya Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Profiles of HIV Infected and Uninfected Lactating Mothers During  Lifelong Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) DPhil 2022


1. Bright Chisadza Development of a sustainable drought early warning and forecasting system for the Limpopo River Basin in Zimbabwe to enhance food and water security MPhil 2014
2. Simon Takawira Muserere

Modelling Biological Nutrient Removal at Firle Sewage Treatment works , Harare

MPhil 2018
3. Muchaneta Munamati An investigation into the determinants of sustainable provision of safe and adequate sanitation DPhil 2020


1. George Nyamadzwo Greenhouse gas emissions from cultivated dambos from central Zimbabwe DPhil 2014
2. Tariro Gwandu Translating integrated soil fertility management information and knowledge into crop productivity benefits through farmer learning and participatory action in eastern Zimbabwe MPhil 2014
3. Grace Kanonge A fertiliser management strategy for enhanced legume-cereal productivity in smallholder farming systems of zimbabwe MPhil 2014
4. Tinashe Charles Mashavave Evaluating potential benefits of co-learning processes in promoting use of soil fertility management technologies by smallholder farmers MPhil 2014
5. Johnson Masaka The effect of wetland cropping amended with mineral nitrogen fertilizer and cattle manure on gaseous emission of nitrogen and nitrate leaching DPhil 2014
6. David Icishahayo Management of common Bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris ) Angular leaf spot (phaeoisariopsis griseola) using cultural practices and development of disease- weather models for prediction of the disease and host characteristics DPhil 2014
7. Johnson Masaka The effect of wetland cropping amended with mineral nitrogen fertilizer and cattle manure on gaseous emission of nitrogen and nitrate leaching DPhil 2015
8. Christopher Chagumaira Perceived local evidence of climate change and variability impacts on natural resources in smallholder communities of Eastern Zimbabwe MPhil 2015
9. Ezekia Svotwa Development of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabaccum) yield estimation models using agronomic and remote sensing techniques

DPhil 2015

10.  Rhoda Masukwedza  The biology and management of the red morph of the tobacco aphid (Myzus persicae nicotianae) in Zimbabwe  

MPhil 2015

11.  Armwell Shumba  Intergration of urban farmer soil fertility and water management practices for improved soil quality and maize (zea mays L) production in Harare and Chitungwiza  

MPhil 2015

12.  Akinson Tumbure  Evaluation of soil fertility benefits of hairy vetch (Vicia villona Roth) in smallholder maize-based cropping systems of central Zimbabwe  

MPhil 2015

13.  Tarirai Muoni  An Evaluation of the Effectiveness and profitability of weed control strategies and residual effects of atrazine on rotational crops under conservation agriculture in Zimbabwe  

MPhil 2015

14. Paidamoyo Musingarabwi Monitoring and evaluation of Goat Production intervention in Chipinge Mphil 2015
15. Natasha Kurwakumire Managing macro- and micronutrient interactions for improved agromic efficiency under contrasting soil carbon levels in smallholder farms

Mphil 2015

16. Hatirarami Nezomba Exploring mechanisms to restore fertility of degraded lixisols for enhanced crop productivity under smallholder farmer management systems DPhil 2015
17. Colleta Mantsebo The Impact of irrigation methods, calcium levels and other nutrients on soft rot (Pectobacterium carotovora subspecies) infection of potato (Solanum tuberosum) Mphil 2015
18. Blessing Mhlanga Evaluation of the effects of relay cropping and rotation on supplementary biomass production and its retention in maize-based systems under conservation agriculture in Zimbabwe MPhil 2016
19.  Vongai Paradza  Identification of pectobacterium and dickey species found in Zimbabwe and an evaluation of the resistance of selected potato cultivars to the pathogen  Mphil 2016
20.  Sharon  ncube  Growth Performance and Physiological Responses of Broilers Fed Incremental Levels of Acacia Angustissima Leaf Meal  DPhil 2017
21.  Tongai Mutangadura  Long-term organic resource management effects on soil carbon and nutrient dynamics under contionous maize cropping  MPhil 2017
22.  Ronald Marumbi  An evaluation of the impacts of conversation agriculture interventions on soil and crop productivity and farmer perceptions along an agro-ecological gradient in southeast Zimbabwe  MPhil 2018
23.  Nelson Munyaka  Feasibility of quality seed production in cereal-legume intercrops by smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe  MPhil 2018
24. Nyasha Marble Kafesu

Maize fertilization under conservation agriculture systems on heterogeneous smallholder farms in Zimbabwe

MPhil 2018
25. MacDonald Mubayiwa Smallholder postharvest technologies to manage climate-related risks in selected sorghum production systems MPhil 2018
26. Jacob Gusha Invasive species of savannah rangelands: Are they a threat or an opportunity? DPhil 2018
27. Shaw Mlambo Grain postharvest pest management in maize smallholder systems in a changing climate MPhil 2018
28. Alex Chigoverah Effect of pesticide free hermetic storage on maize insect infestation and grain quality MPhil 2018
29. Cacious Stanford Nyakurwa Adaptability and suitability of quality protein maize in the food and farming systems in Gokwe South District MPhil 2018
30. Eness Paidamoyo Mutsvangwa-Sammie Pathways of agricultural innovations and their impact on rural livelihoods in South West Zimbabwe DPhil 2018
31. Kingstone Mujeyi Enterpreneurial innovations for agricultural mechanisation and competitiveness of informal industry clusters in the context of fast track land reform in Zimbabwe DPhil 2018
32. Chekani Vongai Response of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) to rhizobia inoculation, nitrogen and phosphorus application and residual benefits to maize on smallholder farms in Eastern Zimbabwe MPhil 2019
33. Tsungai Reid Isolation and characterisation of extracts from wild edible and non-edible mushroom in zimbabwe DPhil 2019
34. Tafireyi Chamboko Milk production and marketing in organised smallholder dairy value chains: A case study of dairy development programme schemes in Zimbabwe DPhil 2019
35. Tafadzwa Rose Masekesa The development of sweet potato (Brondal) that is resistant to sweet potato feathery mottle virus (SPFMV) using the coat protein method and the RNA interference method DPhil 2019
36.  Tinashe Nyabako  Development of a smartphone-based decision support system for grain postharvest management in Zimbabwe  MPhil 2020
37.  Ronald Marumbi  An evaluation of the impacts of planting basins on soil and crop productivity along an agro-ecological gradient in Southeast Zimbabwe  MPhil 2020
38.  Muneta Grace Manzeke  Geospatial variation  of available micronutrients in tropical soils and its effects on crop productivity and human nutrition  DPhil 2020
39.  Charles Diverson Singano  Investigation of grain postharvest technologies and systems for managing climate-related risks in smallholder farms of farms of shire Valley, Southern Malawi  DPhil 2020
40.  Justify Gotami Shava  Genetic characterization and analysis for yield and quality related traits in Zimbabwean flue-cured tobacco germplasm  DPhil 2020
41.   Chapman Koga  Genetic characterization of striga gesnerioides and its control strategies in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)  DPhil 2020
42.   Pomerayi Mutete Genetic Diversity, Conservation status and Propagation of African Ivory Nut Palm (Hyphaenepetersiana Klotzsch Ex Mart) tree in South Eastern Zimbabwe  MPhil 2021
43. Ronald Marumbi

An evaluation of the effects of planting basins on soil and crop productivity along an agro-ecological gradient in southeast Zimbabwe

MPhil 2021
44. Tinashe Nyabako Development of a Smartphone-Based Decision Support System for Grain Postharvest Management in Zimbabwe MPhil 2021
45. Justin Chipomho Maize and Weed Response to Fertiliser Management Across a Soil Fertility Gradient in Sub-Humid Zimbabwe DPhil 2021
46. Toga Mapangisana Evaluating   the Farmer Learning Centre Approach as a Transformative Extension Model to Improve Smallholder Crop-Livestock Production Systems in Semi-Arid Zimbabwe MPhil 2021
47.  Gaudencia Kujeke  Livingstone Potato (Plectranthus esculentus N.E.Br) Genetic Diversity, Agronomic, Nutritional and PostHarvest Evaluation in Zimbabwe  DPhil 2022
48.  Fortunate Makore  Molecular and Genetic Analysis of New and Elite Maize Inbred Lines Under Abiotic Stress Environments  DPhil 2022
49.   Douglas Gumbo  Evaluating the Performance of Dead Level Contours under Three Soil Types in Semi-Arid Areas of Zimbabwe  DPhil 2022

Tatenda Thelma Kainga

Soyabean-Rhizobia Characterization in Selected Soils of Zimbabwean Smallholder Farming Sector MPhil 2022

Vengai Mbanyele

Strategic Agronomic Options for Managing Intra-seasonal Dry Spells in Rainfed Smallholder Cropping Systems in Eastern Zimbabwe DPhil 2022

Patrick Ngwenyama

A Predictive Model for Postharvest Nutrient and Economic Losses of Maize (Zea mays L.) and African Peas ( syn .Cowpeas) (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) DPhil 2022


1. Rodgers Matsikidze The civil procedure in the magistrate court of Zimbabwe: a denial of justice of self-actors? MPhil 2014
2. Rosalie Kumbirai Katsande Interrogating marriage as an organising framework in land based business: A case study of women horticulture farmers in ward 25, Nyadire District, Mutoko, Zimbabwe DPhil 2015
3. Renifa Madenga Using women’s voices and experiences to interrogate the efficacy of the International Criminal Justice System (ICJS): The case of the Rwanda 1994 Genocide DPhil 2018
4. Annette Mudola Mbogoh Beyond Law: A critique of the participation of women in the truth, justice and reconciliation commission’s processes using Mombasa, Kenya as a case study DPhil 2018
5. Chiedza Simbo A Legal analysis of the constitutional right to basic education in Zimbabwe DPhil 2019
6.   Janita Corina Mesu  INFANTICIDE ON TRIAL: An Examination of the Interpretation, Misinterpretation, Misclassification and Application of Section 48 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act [Chapter 9:23] at the Investigative, Prosecutorial and Adjudication Levels  DPhil 2022


1. Silvester Chikerema Ecological niche modelling , isolation and molecular characterisation of bacillus anthracis and risk factors of human anthrax transmission in Zimbabwe DPhil 2014
2. William Pote A critical investigation into then neuropharmacological effects of boophone disticha extract in animal models DPhil 2018
3. Anesu Marume Pharmacological and phytochemical studies of some Zimbabwean ethnoveterinary medicinal plants used for animal wound management DPhil 2018
4. Biko Masimba Gadaga

A survey of Brucellosis and Bovine Tuberculosis at a human-domestic animal-wildlife interface in Zimbabwe

MPhil 2021
5. Solomon Bhandi Seroprevalence and Risk Factors of Brucellosis, Chlamydiosis and Ehrlichiosis in Goats at Different Wildlife/Livestock Interface Areas in the South-Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe MPhil 2021

Masimba Ndengu

Epidemiological  Survey and Socioeconomic Impact of Zoonotic Causes of Infertility in Cattle with Special Emphasis on Brucellosis, Chlamydiosis and Rift Valley Fever in Selected Human/Livestock/Wildlife Areas of Zimbabwe  DPhil 2022

Norman Leo Mukarati

The Epidemiology and Ecology of Bacillus Anthracis Infections in Wildlife Livestock Interface Areas in Zimbabwe DPhil 2022


1.   Kudakwashe Chitundigu  Nutritional composition, anti-oxidant activity and bio accessibility of phenolic compounds in selected wild cereal grains  DPhil 2014
2.   Steady Mushayabasa  Modelling the transmission dynamics of hepatitis c virus among  intravenous drug misusers  DPhil 2014
3.   Elaine Chirisa  Exploring the effects of comb rectum platypetalum and parinari curatelliofolia on enzymes and processes involved in inflammation  MPhil 2014
 4.  Fadzai Zengeya  Understanding the distribution of cattle and the African buffalo at the wildlife-livestock interface using real-time Global positioning systems and satellite remotely sensed data  DPhil 2014
5.   Theresa Chimponda  An investigation into the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects of parinari curatelolifolia (planch. Exbenth) as mediated through glutathione transferases  MPhil 2014
 6.  Caleb Maguranyanga  Geospatial model for monitoring land utilization in Zimbabwe  MPhil 2014
 7.  Tariro Chitemerere  In Vitro Antibacterial activity of selected plant extracts from Zimbabwe  MPhil 2014
 8.  Alois Chiromo  Zimbabwean rural day secondary school students’ management of conflicts arising from studying the human reproductive system  

DPhil 2015

9.   Sheunesu Munyira  Bounds on distance-based graph parameters  DPhil 2015
10.   Charles Chimedza  A generalised multilevel linear model for likert responses  DPhil 2015
11.   Rumbidzai Mangoyi  Antifungal screening and phytochemical analysis of some medicinal plants used in Zimbabwe: A focus on combretum zeyheri  

DPhil 2016

 12.  Tafadzwa Munodawafa Taderera  Hypoglycaemic effects of a potential antidiabetic traditional medicinal plant, Annona Stenophylla  

DPhil 2016

13.   Sungai Mazando  Investigating the contribution of Efflux pump expression and activity to mycobacterium tuberculosis tolerance and clinical persistence  

DPhil 2016

14.   Leoba Chigwenhese  Movement of large herbivores across a wildlife livestock interface: Testing the effect of resource gradient on large herbivore movement in the south east lowveld of Zimbabwe  MPhil 2017
15.   Josiah Mushanyu  Mathematical modelling of drug abuse epidemiology and the related psychosocial interventions  DPhil 2017
16.   David Tinashe Maringe  The effect of storage time on the levels of Aflatoxins in Legumes produced by small holder farmers in Makoni and Shamva Districts , Zimbabwe  MPhil 2017
17.   Stembile Msiteli Shumba  Pans ,Dams and Boreholes typology as a function of human and ungulate activities in Hwange national Park and peripheral areas, Zimbabwe  MPhil 2017
18.   Tatenda Clive Murashiki  Effectiveness of Hermetic storage vessels in reducing aflatoxin B1 and fumonisin B1 in maize grain  MPhil 2017
 19.  Chakare Benhura  Development and characteristics of food products from Parinari curatellifolia fruit  DPhil 2017
20. Batsirai Chipurura Formulation and the physicochemical microbilogical and sensory properties of yoghurt enriched with baobab pulp DPhil 2017
21. Nyasha Grace Mushonga Nutrition status of Preschool Children aged 36-60 months in selected districts of Mashonaland East and Harare Provinces focusing on overweight and its presdisposition to non-communicable diseases. DPhil 2018
22. Charon Chikuruwo Functional Traits of Native and Alien Species along A Gradient of Human-Livestock Disturbance MPhil 2018
23. Phillip Mafuta Aspects of bounds on the leaf number of a graph DPhil 2018
24. Edson Magoya Quality and yield of milk from exotic and cross-bred cows fedon high protein subtropical legumes in selected small holder diary schemes in Zimbabwe DPhil 2018
25. Charon Chikuruwo   MPhil 2018
26. Kumbirai Makosera Artificial intelligence in soil moisture based microcomputer controlled automatic irrigation system MPhil 2018
27. Mavis Precious Dembedza An assessment of women and children exposure to aflatoxins, nutrition status and dietary diversity: A case of Shamva and Makoni districts in Zimbabwe MPhil 2018
28. Paride Oresto Lolika Modelling the transmission dynamics of brucellosis DPhil 2019
29. Munyaradzi Shekede Effects of increased nitrogen deposition and precipitation decline on tree-grass interactions in southern African savanas DPhil 2019
30.  Losio Anthony  Modelling the transmission of Guinea Worm Disease  MPhil 2019
31.  Zorodzai Dzinotizei  Effects of elephant densities and anthropogenic interference on habitat heterogeneity in relation to surface water availability  MPhil 2019
32.  Ruvimbo Vicki Mautsa  Evaluation of the ant mycobacterial properties of plant extracts from Vernonia adoensis  MPhil 2019
33.  Henry Ndaimani  GIS and remote sensing applications for understanding the impact of African elephants on vegetation in African savannahs.  DPhil 2019
34.  Trymore Muderere  Understanding Urban landscape pattern and its effects on primary productivity and wildlife habitats.  MPhil 2020
35.  Pioneer Taashwa Musindo  Impact of climate change and biotic factors on avifauna diversity and spatial distribution in the mid-Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe  DPhil 2021
36.  Kudzai Collette Muzarabani The Taxonomy and Ecology of Gastropod Snails  and their Role in Disease Transmission in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe  MPhil 2021
37.  Mandipa Shonhai  Genetic Analysis of 27 Y-Chromosome Short Tandem Repeat (Y-STR) Loci of the Zimbabwean Shona Ethnic Group  MPhil 2021
38.  Pamela Sibanda  Sediment characteristics, nutrient fluxes and aspects of the ecology of benthic invertebrates of Lake Chivero, Zimbabwe  DPhil 2021
39.  Clarice Princess Mudzengi  Characterising key browse species at the livestock-wildlife interface  DPhil 2021
40  Blessings Takudzwa Fundikwa  Aspects of bounds on distance measures for graphs with forbidden subgraphs  MPhil 2021
41.  Farai Kuri  Remote Sensing Derived Phenology Metrics for Predicting Impact of Drought on Maize Production  DPhil 2021
42.  Tatenda Duncan Kavu  Adaptive User-Centric Recommendations: A Holistic User Context-Aware Recommendation Algorithm  DPhil 2021
43.  Winnie Yevai Mozirandi  Isolation Purification Antibacterial and Biochemical Evaluation of Phytochemicals from Vernonia Adoensis  DPhil 2021
44.  Albert Wakandigara  Chemistry of Phorbol Ester Toxicity: A Computer Modelling Approach  DPhil 2021
45.  Theresa Netsai Chimponda  Markers of Inflammation, Morbidity and Mechanisms Mediating Resistance against Schistosoma Haematobium Infection in Preschool Age Children (Children Aged Five Years and below)  DPhil 2021
46.  Vimbai Hamandishe  Ecological Factors and their Effects on the Quality of Tilapia, Oreochromis Niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) from Impoundments with Different Trophic Status in Zimbabwe  DPhil 2022
47.  Clement Shonhiwa  Comparison of Synthetic and Natural Anti-oxidant Additives to Enhance Oxidative Stability and Shelf Life of Biodiesel from Jathropha Curcas  MPhil 2022
48.  Lawrence Dhliwayo  Statistical Modelling of Seasonal Fractionally Integrated Times Series  DPhil 2022
49.  Brighton Staff Mpofu  Parametric Investigation of Palladium Thin Film Produced by Electroless Plating  MPhil 2022
50.  Ngoni Ishe Kunonga  An Evaluation of Pharmacological Properties, Genetic Diversity and Conservation Status of Aloe Ortholopha  DPhil 2022
51. Vivian Mukungunugwa Aspects of distance Based Topological Indices in Graphs DPhil 2022
52. Evelyn Ngarakana Population Structure, Reproduction and Distribution of Catha edulis (Vahl) Forssk.ex Endl. in Zimbabwe MPhil 2022

Terence Magqina

Age Estimation, Growth Rate and Reproductive Biology of Tiger Fish, Hydrocynus Vittatus (Castelnau 1861) in Lake Kariba: Assessing the Impact of Decades of Fishery Exploitation MPhil 2022
54. Juliet Gwenzi Improving Agro-Climatic Decision Support in Zimbabwe Under A Changing Climate. DPhil 2022
55. Daina Mudimbu Potentially Harmful Elements from Geogenic Sources and their Link to Local and Regional Distribution of Non-communicable Diseases: The Case Study of Sanyati Catchment, Zimbabwe DPhil 2022


1.   Esther Mafunda  An analysis of the regression hypothesis from a Shona Broca `s aphasic perspective  MPhil 2014
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The Advertising and Reception of Contraceptives: Gender and Moral Implications for Women in the Johane Marange Apostolic Church

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Literature and Nation Building: The Case of Kiswahili Children`s Historical Fiction in Tanzania DPhil 2022


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