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Mr. B. Mapako

University of Zimbabwe's IT Services Unit manages the university’s computer infrastructure, providing customer-focused delivery of our services to the University's students, faculty and staff. We at the ISU provide reliable, up to date, effective, secure and integrated technology solutions and information services to empower students, faculty and staff to meet their goals in support of the mission of the university and Zimbabwe's Education 5.0 mandate. We provide front-line technology support for faculty, staff, and students at UZ. The ISU provides trained technology support resources 24/7 to answer your technology questions.


To be (and to be recognized by others as) the unparalleled and leading provider of ubiquitous, integrated and evolving ICT services to the University Community and the global village.

To keep enabling our clients and customers to make meaningful technology influenced contributions to sustainable development, scientific and technological innovations in Zimbabwe. To this end we provide high quality ICT infrastructure, services, training and consultancy to proffer integrated and comprehensive solutions. We guarantee the above by an underpinning state of the art infrastructure, highly available services and adaptive and appropriately skilled experts.

Core Values
Sustainable, Reliability, Adaptability, Innovative, Responsive, Ethical, Customer-centric and Efficient.

ICT at the University of Zimbabwe

Progressive and able leadership of the University's Executive  has propelled the University of Zimbabwe to be the leading institution in utilizing and innovating with Information and Communication Technologies among Zimbabwean universities. The Executive laid the framework for ICT development by establishing the University Computer Committee to hold stakeholder consultations, oversee ICT Policy development, and implementation, conduct feasibility studies, and plan implementation. The Executive also facilitated the improvement of internet bandwidth from a measly 2Mbps in 2010 to 1.9Gbps by 2020. The Executive is pushing for more research from the University community and this continuous improvement in bandwidth will enable more research. The Executive is also hankering to have a Zimbabwe Research Network which will link all Universities in Zimbabwe to Universities in the Region and globally.

With a strategic plan in place, UZ Computer Centre will be able to attract resources for this ICT Strategic plan implementation. UZ will explore partnerships with individuals, Zimbabwean organizations, and international foundations. One of the most successful outcomes of building partnerships at the University of Zimbabwe was the UZ-VLIR Partnership which saw the implementation of the UZ fibre backbone, setup of the UZ server room and training of ICT personnel.

Partnerships will play a key role in ICT development and implementation at the University. Partnering with the Local ICT Companies, international foundations, and our students will enable UZ to remain innovative and responsive to the ICT needs of the University community.

The next step in ICT development at the University of Zimbabwe will focus on continuing with existing partnerships and building new ones to ensure self-sustaining ICT systems.


The University demonstrates a commitment to partnerships with the private and public sector both in Zimbabwe and abroad. UZ Computer Centre will forge partnerships which will help the University implement its ICT strategic plan and sustain its ICT infrastructure. The goal is to build the ICT capacity of the University.

We equip University of Zimbabwe customers with accurate information, skills, knowledge, support and ICT services needed to succeed in conducting research, teaching and learning in a reliable manner.

We will at all times be creative and adaptive in order to maximize customer satisfaction through constant and consistent new ideas and fresh technologies. We will do so in a competent, timely, cost - effective, efficient and professional manner.

We focus on service and excellence for the benefit of our customers. We succeed only if we consistently deliver great service, while striving for continuous improvement in the technology we use to give value to clients.

We will anticipate and adapt to changing global ICT environment and respond effectively to the changing needs of the organization and its constituencies in manners both appropriate and timely.

Our Customers
Below is the list of our University of Zimbabwe, Computer Centre’s customers:

  • Students
  • Teaching staff
  • Administration staff
  • Research staff and students
  • External clients – this list includes the Government, Private and Public Companies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and foreign and localUniversities.

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