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    Faculty of Education

    Faculty of Education aspires to be the leading faculty of education in the world

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    Education Degrees

    The faculty is to serve as the leading Faculty of Education in the production of quality educators, trainers and professionals, nationally, regionally and internationally.

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Our Faculties

Faculty of Education




The Faculty of Education will be known as a centre that develops an Education 5.0 educator.

Its focus will be on design and implementation of Education 5.0-driven curricula, delivery methods and assessment tools that transform both the educator and the student/pupil in problem-solving skills, critical thinking and orientation towards production of goods and services.

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Education Programmes

Department of Art Design and Technology Education


  • B.Ed Honours Performing Arts and Heritage Education
  • B.Ed Honours Design and Technology (with options in: 
    • Agricultural Production and the Environment;
    • The Built Environment;
    • Visual Arts Design and Technology;
    • Food Science Human Nutrition and Technology;
    • Gaming Animation and Digital Media;
    • Gemology and Jewellery Design;
    • Textile Science Apparel Design and Technology;
    • Design and Technology Innovation;
    • Family Consumer Science and Technology
    • Industrial Design and Technology;
    • Interaction Design and Technology;
    • Product Design and Technology).

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