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    Faculty of Arts And Humanities

    Faculty of Arts And Humanities is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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    Arts And Humanities  Degrees

    If you want to study Arts And Humanities please click below to see a list of our Degree Programmes.

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    Arts And Humanities Degrees


    If you want to study Arts And Humanitiesplease click below to see a list of our Degree Programmes.

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Our Faculties

Faculty Of Arts And Humanities




Professor Fainos Mangena

DPhil (UZ 2008); MA (UZ 2004); BA Dual Hons (UZ 2002) DiCJo (CCOSA 2005)
Full Professor 
AHP Post Doctoral Fellow (2010) 

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Profile:

Area of Specialization: Moral Philosophy, African Philosophy and Philosophy of Education 

Research Focus/Area: African Philosophy and Ethics, Social Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Law (Jurisprudence) and Gender, Sports Ethics and Philosophy of Culture

Research Fellowships

Govan Mbeki Research and Development Post-Doctoral Fellow (University of Fort Hare, 2009)

Research Fellow, Centre for Leadership Ethics in Africa (University of Fort Hare, 2010)

African Humanities Programme Post-Doctoral Fellow (The Carnegie Corporation, 2011)

Visiting Scholar (Cultural Study, Remnin University of China, Beijing Institute of Technology and X’ian Jiaotong University, July 2016)

Research Contracts

University of Zimbabwe Postgraduate Scholarship to do MA (2003)

University of Fort Hare grant to do research in Ethics and Sports Administration (2009)

Independent Consultant, University of South Africa (Review of BA Honours Degree in Philosophy, 2016)


The Faculty of Arts and Humanities will be known for developing individuals who unravel and interrogate Africa’s tangible and intangible heritage to inspire innovation and modernisation and foster vibrancy of diverse communities.


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Arts And Humanities Programmes

Department of Creative Media and Communication

Undergraduate Degrees

    BA Honours Journalism Media and Broadcasting
    BA Honours Media and Marketing Communication
    BA Honours Creative Designs Animation and Motion Graphics
    BA Honours Film Radio and Television Production
    BA Honours Multi-Media Production
    BA Honours Visual and Performing Arts
    BA Honours Fine Arts
    BA Honours African Musicology

 Postgraduate Degrees

    Post-graduate Diploma in Graphics Design (NQF)
    MA Graphic Design
    MA Visual and Performing Arts Production Systems
    MA Multi-Media Production Designs and Systems

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

    Post-Doctoral Research Programmes

Department of Languages Literature and Culture


    BA Honours Language Literature and Intercultural Communication
    BA Honours Multilingual Communication Translation and Interpretation
    BA Honours Multicultural Heritage and Tourism


    MA Linguistics
    MA Language and Multicultural Communication
    MA Language and Literature Production
    Postgraduate Diploma in Translation and Interpretation

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

    Post-Doctoral Programmes

 Department of Philosophy Religion and Ethics


    BA Honours Philosophy Ethics and Human Development
    BA Honours Religion Leadership and Society


    MA Philosophy Practical Ethics and Human Development
    MA Theology Church Leadership and Management

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Post-Doctoral Programmes

 Department of History Heritage and Knowledge Systems


    BA Honours African Heritage and Knowledge Systems
    BA Honours Archaeological Sciences and Human Development
    BA Honours Digital Archival and Historical Information Management
    BA Honours Zimbabwean History and International Affairs
    BA Honours Heritage and Economic History


    MA Archaeological Forensics
    MA African Economic History and Knowledge Systems
    MA Heritage Materials Production
    MA History and International Affairs
    MA Digital Humanities
    MA Heritage Resources Management and Materials Production

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

    Post-Doctoral Programmes

 Department of Peace Security and Society


    BA Honours Conflict Peacebuilding and Social Transformation
    BA Honours History of War and Security
    BA Honours Risk Reduction and Disaster Management


    MA Conflict Peace and Governance
    MA War and Security
    MA Disaster Risk Reduction Management Systems

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

    Post-Doctoral Programmes

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