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    Faculty of Arts And Humanities

    Faculty of Arts And Humanities is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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    Arts And Humanities  Degrees

    If you want to study Arts And Humanities please click below to see a list of our Degree Programmes.

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    Arts And Humanities Degrees


    If you want to study Arts And Humanitiesplease click below to see a list of our Degree Programmes.

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Our Faculties

gibson ncube

Gibson Ncube




BA Hons French (University of Zimbabwe)

MPhil French (University of Zimbabwe)

PhD French and Francophone Literature (Stellenbosch University)

Research focus area/s.

French and Francophones Literatures

Comparative Literatures

Queer, Gender and Cultural Studies


National Research Foundation (South Africa) Freestanding Postdoctoral Fellowship


French Language

French/Francophone Cultures and Civilisations

French/Francophone Literatures

French for Tourism


Research Groups

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is pursuing Community based research activities and projects under the following interfaculty and trans/multi/interdisciplinary research groups for the production of goods and services and for enhancing communities. The research group output is meant to facilitate teaching and learning through community outreach in order to fulfill the philosophy of kuziva/ukwazi, kugona/ukwenelisa, kuita/ukwenza in line with the University of Zimbabwe Strategic Plan 2019-2025.

1. Human Security and Disaster Management

Cyclone Idai, Edinburgh Catalyst Food Security Project, Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Civil-Military Relations.

2. Intangible and Tangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible Cultural Heritage, African Heritage and Technology, Creativity, Art and Design Communication.

3. Human Rights Communications and Publicity

Human Rights, Public Access and Involvement, Linguistic Plurality and Intercultural/ Transcultural Communication, Media, Gender Activism and Advocacy.

4. Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Wellness

Heritage based Medicine and Faith Healing in Zimbabwe, Mental Health and communication, Prison Restorations and Therapy.

5. Applied Ethics, Religion and Human Development

Practical Applied Ethics, Critical Thinking and National Development in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe, Human Development at Spiritual and Other Levels, Religion and Society, Religion Development and Leadership.

6. Language, Business and Technological Applications

Foreign Languages, Tourism and Branding, Didactical Innovation in Foreign Language Learning/Teaching, Languages and Sustainable Human Development, Forensics Linguistics and Jurisprudence.

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