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Professor Fainos Mangena



Professor Fainos Mangena

Qualifications: DPhil (UZ 2008); MA (UZ 2004); BA Dual Hons (UZ 2002) DiCJo (CCOSA 2005)
Full Professor
AHP Post Doctoral Fellow (2010) 

Current Studies: LLB Degree with UNISA

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Profile:

Area of Specialization: Moral Philosophy, African Philosophy and Philosophy of Education 

Research Focus/Area: African Philosophy and Ethics, Social Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Law (Jurisprudence) and Gender, Sports Ethics and Philosophy of Culture

Research Fellowships

Govan Mbeki Research and Development Post-Doctoral Fellow (University of Fort Hare, 2009)

Research Fellow, Centre for Leadership Ethics in Africa (University of Fort Hare, 2010)

African Humanities Programme Post-Doctoral Fellow (The Carnegie Corporation, 2011)

Visiting Scholar (Cultural Study, Remnin University of China, Beijing Institute of Technology and X’ian Jiaotong University, July 2016)

Research Contracts

University of Zimbabwe Postgraduate Scholarship to do MA (2003)

University of Fort Hare grant to do research in Ethics and Sports Administration (2009)

Independent Consultant, University of South Africa (Review of BA Honours Degree in Philosophy, 2016)

Courses Taught


Moral Philosophy PL 2030/HPL 0030

Contemporary Ethics PL2040/HPL0040

History of the Philosophy of Education PL3230/HPL0690

Contemporary Philosophy of Education PL3240/HPL 0700

 Formal Logic PL 0010/HPL0010

 Advanced Logic PL 2010/HPL0020


Ethics MPL 502

Applied Ethics MPL 517

Metaphysics MPL 503

Philosophy of Education MPL 515

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