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MPhil & DPhil Student Database





1.   Kanji Comfort Ropafadzo  The Effect of African Specific CYP2D*17 Genotype on the Plasma Levels of Tamoxifen and its Metabolites  M.Phil /Clinical Pharmacology
2.   Kapungu Nicole Nyasha  Praziquantel Metabolism and Molecular Modelling to Address Rapid First Pass Metabolism in the Development of a Pediatric Formulation of Praziquantel in the Treatment of Schistosomiasis  M.Phil /Clinical Pharmacology
3.   Kuguyo Oppah  The Effect of Genetic Polymorphisms on Cervical Cancer Patients under Chemoradiotherapy Treatment in Harare, Zimbabwe  D.Phil /Clinical Pharmacology
4.   Madzima Fastino  Toxicology of Nanoparticles Extracted from Combustion Gases Emitted During Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Paraffin Household Burning  D.Phil /Clinical Pharmacology
 5.  Madyadi Amanda  A Study to Assess the HIV-1 Genetic Diversity and Natural Polymorphisms of the Integrase Gene iNintegrase Inhibitor Naïve Patients in Zimbabwe  M.Phil /Clinical Pharmacology
6.   Matowa Patrick  Anti-Cancer Efficacy of Selected Herbal Plants Commonly Used to Treat Cancer in Zimbabwe  D.Phil /Clinical Pharmacology
7.   Matyanga  Moffat Joel Celia  The Effect of African Potato (Hypoxis Hemerocallidea) on the Pharmacokinetics of Tenofovir and Lamivudine  D.Phil /Clinical Pharmacology
 8.  Chandiwana Panashe  Microbiome Profiles in Pregnant Women and Pregnancy Outcomes: Roles of HIV Infection and Malnutrition  M.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
9.   Kambarami Simbarashe Milton  Integrated Computational Platform for Studying Evolution of HIV, HPV and Corona Virus-RDP5   M.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
10.   Kashiri Leah  Investigating Genetic Diversity of  Mycobacterium Avium Complex Species in Zimbabwe and Development of Candidates Vaccines  D.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
 11.  Makamure Beauty  Use of Whole Gem Sequencing for Rapid Detection of Drug-Resistant TB and Determining Mutations Conferring to Drug –Resistant Profiles in a Low Income High TB Burden Setting, Zimbabwe  D.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
12.   Manyau Maudy Pinky Chipo  Molecular Profiling of Diffuse Large B—Cell Lymphoma in an Hiv Infected Cohort  D.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
13.   Mataramvura-Muchatuta Hope Ivy Netsai  Role of Maternal HIV Infection and Life Long Combination Antiretroviral Therapy (aART) on Natural KILLER Cell Functional Profile and Metabolic Dysregulation Within the First Two Years of Life Among HIV Exposed an Uninfected (HEU) Infants  D.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
14.   Mudhluli Emmah Taona  The Impact of Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Plasma Levels and Human Milk Oligosaccharide Content on the Gut Microbiota of HIV Exposed Infants  D.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
15.   Munjoma Priviledge  Maternal Gut and Breast Milk Microbiota Diversity: Influences on Infant Gut Microbiota Colonisation and Health within the First Two Years of Life  D.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
 16.  Murashiki Tatenda Clive  Characterisation of Mycotoxin Biomarkers Among HIV- and HIV+ Pregnant Women from High Density Populations of Harare; Correlation with Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Seropositivity, Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines, Anaemia and Adverse Birth Outcomes  D.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
17.   Nyagupe Charles  Analysis of Mutations in SARS COV @ Virus Diagnostic Genes Detected by Sequencing for the First and Second Wave in Zimbabwe  M.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
18.   Nyakubaya Takudzwa Dylan  Comparative Diagnostic Accuracy of Cepheid GeneXpert HIV-1 Qualitative Point of Care Test with Centralised Laboratory Gold Standard Abbot Real Time HV-1 Qualitative Test and NucliSENS EasyQ HV-1 V2,0 for Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV-1 Using DBS IN A Resource Limited Setting  M.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
 19.  Washaya Tendai  Pan-Resistant HIV-1 Among Highly Treatment Experienced Patients in Zimbabwe  D.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
20.  Zia Nikhat  Performance of p16 as Biomarker of High Grade Aquamous Intraepithelial (CIN2/3) Lesions in HIV Positive Women Infected with Oncogenic HPV  D.Phil /Laboratory Diagnostic and Investigative Sciences
21.  Chipato Winnet Enerita  Characterisation of the Phytoconstituents of Selected Zimbabwean Plants and Investigation of their Anti-Mycobacterials Potential   D.Phil /Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
22.  Nathoo Sangeeta  Behavioral traits of health professionals, patients and caregivers towards cannabis based medicine and acceptability of an extemporanous phytocannabinoid pharmaceutical preparation  M.Phil /Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
23.  Gadaga Louis Luckmore  Phytochemical Analysis and Neuropharmacology of Isolated Isoquinoline Alkaloids from Boophone Disticha and Crinum Macowanii in Mouse Models of Alzhemier’s Disease   D.Phil /Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
24.  Hove Patrick  Investigation of Selected Wild Edible Plants as Potential Neutraceuticals in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes  D.Phil /Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Jacob  Mercy Tapiwa

Motivational Adherence Counseling and POC Viral Load Monitoring: Integrating Scientific Evidence into Practice to Improve Treatment Outcomes in Women on Lifelong ART M.Phil /Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Kaiyo-Utete Malinda

Effects of Maternal Depression on Child Growth  D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences

Bere Tarisai Concilia

Selection and Cultural Adaptation of a Diagnostic Tool to Measure Common Mental Disorders such as Depression and Anxiety Disorders in Accidents between the Ages of 13-19 in Zimbabwe D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences

Kanyamura Dorothy

Impact of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension on Perinatal Outcomes: Development of a Management Framework D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences
29. Dandajena Godfrey Development of Enhanced Community Engagement for the Intervention of Schistosomiasis Transmission in Shamva District, Zimbabwe D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences

Katena Nyaradzai

Development and Evaluation of a Community Health Worker-Led Health Literacy Intervention for Lifestyle Modification among Hypertension and Diabetes Patients: A Cluster Randomised Trial

D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences
31.  Magwenzi Paidamoyo  A Step Towards Precision: Defining Asthma Diagnosis, Biomarkers, Endotypes and Phenotypes in Children in a Low Resourced Setting  D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences
32.  Mashaah Tokozile  Traditional Management of Female Infertility:    A Focus on Traditional Health Practitioners and Women with Infertility in Zimbabwe  D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences
33.  Matiza Tarisiro  Examination of Immune Responses in HIV-positive Patients with Pulmonary Kaposi Sarcoma  M.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences
34.  Mtisi-Chagumaira Takudzwa  Role of Host Genetic Variation in APOL  1 and ABCC Genes on Susceptibility to Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Induced Kidney Disease in HIV Positive Adolescents in Zimbabwe (Changed @ AC Oct, 2018)  D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences
35.  Nyamakura Rudo  Maternal Stress and Its Effects on Infant Outcomes  D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences
36.  Mugauri Hamufare  Targetted HIV Testing Modalities: Enhancing Uptake and Effectiveness to Control the Epidemic in Zimbabwe  D.Phil /Primary Health Care Sciences
37.  Mazhindu  Adrian Tinashe  The Feasibility and Clinical Effectiveness of    Pharmacogenomics and Biomarker-guided Treatment of Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancers as a Component of Precision Medicine  D.Phil /Radiotherapy and Oncology




1.   Basera Edson  M  Investigating the Sustainability of Public-Private Partnerships as Models of Financing Infrastructural Development in Zimbabwe: The Case of Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority 1998 – 2021.  DPhil /Governance and Public Management  Prof G Zhou
Prof A Nhema
2.   Benzi Charles  Unmasking COVID-19 implications on Mozambique’s counter-terrorism strategy DPhil /Governance and Public Management   Dr L. Mhandara
Dr P.S. Mataruse
3.   Chako Taurai  A New Framework on Albinism and Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Chipinge District  DPhil /Community and Social Development  Dr I Gutsa

Prof V Dzingirai

Dr E Mandizadza

4.   Chineka Tanaka Silvanus  M  A Social Investment Model for Combating Irregular Emigration Among the Unemployed and Informally Employed Youth in Zimbabwe  DPhil /Community and Social Development  Dr G Gwenzi

Prof I Chirisa

Dr L Mundau

Chitereka Chipo

 The Development of a Social Work Intervention Model to Improve Access to Education for Households Living in Slum Settlements of Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Hopley.  DPhil /Social Work  Dr E Mtetwa
Prof I Chirisa
6.   Chivasa Jaqueline Tafadzwa  Perceived Psychological Effects and Resilience of Children of Incarcerated Parents Left behind in Harare  DPhil /Applied Psychology  Dr G Javangwe
Dr T Muromo
7.   Choto Tafadzwa


 Football & Femininity: An Investigation into the Socio-Cultural Issues Intersecting with Female Involvement in Zimbabwean Football  DPhil /Community and Social Development  Dr M Chiweshe
Dr N Muparamoto
 8.  Gunduza  Rumbidzo Patience  F  Addressing Gender Disparities on the Uptake of Science-Related Degree Programmes: Towards a Gender-Responsive Model of Inclusion MPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Dr N Muparamoto
Prof SD Chingarande
9.   Halimani Lucas  M  Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices towards Non-Communicable Diseases among Adults in Mashonaland East and Matabeleland South Provinces. Towards a Model for NCD Prevention, Care and Management  DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Prof M Mhloyi
Dr S Moyo
10.   Haufiku Jeannette  F  Effects of Retirement on the Psychosocial Wellbeing of Police Officers in Namibia  DPhil /Social Work

Dr E Mtetwa

Dr G Javangwe
 11.  Hove Primrose  F  Framework for Handling International Migrants During Pandemics: An Analysis of Zimbabwean Migrants from South Africa During Covid-19 pandemic in Harare   DPhil /Community and Social Development  Dr T Masunda
Dr M K Chiweshe
12.   Jeche Valerie Rumbidzai  The Politics of Sugar Production in Zimbabwe’s Lowveld: 2000-2016  DPhil /Governance and Public Management  Dr S Muqayi

Dr PS Nyambara

Prof C Manyeruke

13.   Kanonhuhwa Tinashe Natasha  An Inclusive Student-Centred Transport Model for Higher and Tertiary Education Institutions in Zimbabwe (changed 612 AC, 13/05/22)  DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Prof I Chirisa

Dr J Chakwizira

14.   Karakadzai Thomas  A Community- based Resilience-Building Framework for Addressing the Urban Squatter Problem in Zimbabwe (changed 612 AC, 13/05/22) DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Dr A Matanda

Prof W Musakwa

15.   Karimazondo Jay Jay  M  Gender Based Violence in Higher and Tertiary Institutes of Learning in Zimbabwe. Towards a Comprehensive Framework for the Elimination of GBV in the Institutions DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Dr S Moyo
Prof M Mhloyi
 16.  Khupe Meldah  F  Sexual Culture and its Implications on HIV Prevention: The case of Bunapeg and Jutjume, Plumtree,Matebeleland South, Zimbabwe (DEFERRED STUDIES) DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Prof M Mhloyi
Dr S Moyo
17.  Kuwa Oliver  M  Towards an Intergovernmental Transfer Model for Balancing Regional Development in Zimbabwe using Kwekwe District as a Case Study  DPhil /Governance and Public Management  Dr T Zinyama
Prof I Chirisa
18.  Madzudzo Fred Gillian  F  A Nutrition-Consciousness Model for Achieving Food Sovereignty along Food Value Chain  DPhil /Community and Social Development

 Dr  E  Mandizadza  

Prof BB Mukamuri

Dr T Pedzisa

19.  Magumise Evans  M  A Social Protection Model to mitigate irregular youth migration in Zimbabwe  DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Prof Mhloyi
Dr Kasimba
20.   Magwaro Linda  F  An Intersectional System Model for Responsive Housing Delivery in Zimbabwe   DPhil /Applied Psychology  Dr T Chevo

Professor I Chirisa

 21.  Maketo John Pasipanodya  M  The Political Ecology of Local Government Debt Management Towards Urban Satisficing Service  Delivery for Residents in Zimbabwe: Case of Harare City  DPhil /Governance and Public Management  Dr T Zinyama
Prof I Chirisa

Makuyana Esther

F Cross Border Women and Trade Facilitation: The Case Study of Zimbabwe from 2010 DPhil /Governance and Public Management

Dr S Muqayi

Prof A Makochekanwa

Prof C Manyeruke

(changed 605 AC, 12/08/21)
23. Mangombe Aveneni M A Responsive Intervention Model for Reducing Early and Unintended Pregnancies in Zimbabwe DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development

Dr S Moyo

Professor Mhloyi
24. Manyera Artwell M Towards an Effective Collaborative Health Delivery System in Zimbabwe by Learning from the Donor-funded Results Based Finance Programme DPhil /Community and Social Development

Prof L M Sachikonye

25. Mashiri Lucy F A Predictive Model to Curb Crime in Zimbabwe’s Urban Areas Using the Socio-Spatial-Temporal-Ecological Lenses DPhil /Community and Social Development

Prof B Mukamuri

Dr E Mandizadza

Prof I Chirisa

Mashingaidze Nesbert Tapera

M An Innovative Community-Based Model for Infusing Carbon Crediting into Green Regionalism and Spatial Planning in Zimbabwe. DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development

Prof I Chirisa

Dr Carren Pindiriri

Professor Billy Mukamuri  
27.  Masunda Wiseman  A Community Based Rehabilitation Model to Reduce Recreational use of Prescription Drugs in High Density Suburbs in Zimbabwe  DPhil /Community and Social Development

 Dr  E  Mandizadza  

Dr  J Mutambara

 28.  Mataruse Prosper  M  Towards a Governance and Socio-Institutional Framework for Managing Forests Utilisation for Improved Soil Fertility in Zimbabwe.   DPhil /Community and Social Development  Prof K Nyikahadzoi
Dr A Fallot
 29.  Matika McDonald  M  Personality, Determinants of Work Stress  and Coping Strategies of Managers in Harare Financial Services Sector   DPhil /Applied Psychology  

Dr T Muromo


Dr B Mahembe

(changed 564 AC, 9/11/17)
30.   Matseketsa Besearch Beloved  The National Security Implications Emanating from Receiving Africa’s Great Lakes Region Refugees in Zimbabwe DPhil /Governance and Public Management  Dr l Mhandara

Dr A Murwira

Prof C Manyeruke

(changed 595 AC, 15/06/21)
 31.  Mavuka Anotida  A Community-Enhanced Resilience Model for disaster survivors in Zimbabwe  DPhil /Social Work  Dr D. Gwenzi       Prof I Chirisa
Dr L Mundau
 32.  Mazani Simbarashe  M  Performing Well at Work and Enjoying a Fulfilling Private Life: Creating a Practical workplace Model fr Non-Work Interface Management  DPhil /Applied Psychology  Dr K Muchena

Dr E Nharirire

Dr  G Javangwe
33.   Mazongonda  Simbarashe Show  Smart  Model  for Taxing the Informal Sector in Contributing to Infrastructure Financing in Home Industries in Zimbabwe  DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Prof I Chirisa
Prof J Chakwizia
 34.  Milanzi Amos  Reproductive Health Issues among Youth Living with HIV in Zimbabwe. Designing a Comprehensive Policy and Intervention Programme (changed 600 AC, 13/10/20)  DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Prof M Mhloyi
Dr S Moyo
35.   Moses Phillip Francis  M  An Intervention Model for the Psychological Sequelae of Surviving Drivers of Fatal Road Traffic Accidents in Zimbabwe  DPhil /Applied Psychology

 Dr  G Javangwe  

Dr  J Mutambara

36.   Muchinako George Alex  Determinants of Health-Seeking Behaviour among the Elderly People in Murambinda Hospital Catchment Area in Buhera, Zimbabwe  DPhil /Social Work  Prof C G Mararike

Ass Sup:Prof M Mhloyi


Munsaka Luzibo Ottilia


Wild Meat Consumption and its Uses at the Frontier: The Case of Batonga People, Zimbabwe

MPhil /Community and Social Development

Prof V Dzingirai

Dr W Z Sadomba
38. Musekiwa Benjamin M A Transactional Model for Managing Livestock Diseases, Development and Livelihoods at the Edge of Wildlife Protected Areas of Zimbabwe. MPhil /Community and Social Development

Prof. V Dzingirai

Prof. I Chirisa

Dr C Guerbois
39. Muruviwa Gladmore Tapiwa M National Strategic Considerations in the Global Movement of Zimbabwe’s Platinum Resources: A Framework for Implementing an Anti-dependency Mining Model DPhil /Governance and Public Management

Dr P Mataruse

Dr S Bhatasara
40.  Musukutwa Alfred  An Inclusionary and Diversity Talent Pipeline Model for Identifying and Nurturing Local Human Capital in the United Nations World Food Programme in South Sudan (changed 612 AC, 13/05/22  DPhil /Community and Social Development  Dr MK Chiweshe

Dr TR Masunda

Dr R Kasimba
41.  Mutemachani Deelixirnirvan  M  Foreign Policy: Zimbabwe’s Economic Diplomacy Towards Japan  DPhil /Governance and Public Management  Prof H H Patel

Ass. Sup:Dr D P Chimanikire

42.  Mutenga Clyte  Intersectional Stigma Model for HIV Treatment and Care Among key Population Subgroup in Zimbabwe  DPhil / Demography Settlement and Development  Dr N Muparamoto

Dr K Mangombe

Dr N Wekwete

43.  Mwedzi Tendai  Integrated model for enhancing women participation in peacebuilding processes in Mozambique  DPhil /Governance and Public Management  Dr L. Mhandara
Dr S. Bhatasara
44.  Nyambiya Eden Tendai  An Evidence-Based Communication Intervention to Motivate Pregnant and Breast-feeding Mothers to Donate Breast Milk in Zimbabwe  DPhil /Applied Psychology  Dr S Mhizha

Dr D Kasprzyk

He has two new additional supervisors  in Faculty of Arts, Prof Nehemia Chivandikwa, Department of Creative Media; & Communication and Medicines and Health Sciences (Dr Patience Kuona of the Child and Adolescent Health Unit)


Nyamunokora Oscar

M Strategies for financial Inclusion for Women in Small-Scale Business in Zimbabwe: The Case of Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (SACCOS), 2012 - 2021 DPhil /Governance and Public Management

Dr T Zinyama

Co-Sup:Prof G Zhou


Nzenzema Ngonidzashe Clement

M Policy Implementation Dynamics of Diamond Beneficiation in Zimbabwe (2000-2016) DPhil /Governance and Public Management

Dr A Nhema

Ass Sup:Dr T  Zinyama


Samugwede Marshall Zororo


Livelihood Resilience Framework to Safeguard Informal Cross-Border Traders against Pandemics in Zimbabwe (changed 612 AC, 13/05/22)

 DPhil /Community and Social Development

Dr TR Masunda

Dr MK Chiweshe

Shoniwa Brighton Mandizvidza

M Exploring the Feasibility of Public-Private-Community Partnerships as Financing Mechanisms for Enhancing Food Security in Zimbabwe: The Case of Maize Crop: 2000-2017 DPhil /Governance and Public Management

Prof G Zhou

Dr T Zinyama
49. Soko Sneddon M A Social Welfare Implementation model for Households and Communities in Zimbabwe DPhil /Social Work

Dr G. Gwenzi

Prof I Chirisa

Takaza Stella

F Survival Skills Used by Rural Elderly Multifocal Families for Coping with Food Shortages in Zimbabwe: Case Studies of Chirumanzu, Zivagwe and Shurugwi Districts in the Midlands Province DPhil /Community and Social Development

Dr L Mundau

Professor V Dzingirayi
51. Tsara Emmanuel M A Framework for an Effective Tax Administration System Targeting the Informal Sector in Zimbabwe DPhil /Governance and Public Management

Dr T Zinyama

Prof I Chirisa

Tshuma Maureen

F An Ethno-Modernistic Hybrid Model for Breast and Cervical Cancers DPhil /Community and Social Development Dr  E  Mandizadza   Prof V N  Muzvidziwa



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