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Godfrey Hove


Godfrey Hove

BA (Hons); MA (African Economic History) (UZ); PhD (Stellenbosch)
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Research Focus: My research interests lie in the environmental and agrarian history of Africa. Of particular interest is how societies have interacted with their ever-changing environment over time, and the impact of ecological and economic change on livelihoods, especially those who rely on agriculture. I am also interested in the political economy of development in developing countries.


EH1070: Economic History Economic History of the Developing World

EH2030 & HEH0030: Economic History of South Africa and the BLS Countries Since 1800

EH2040 & HEH0040: Economic History of Southern Africa North of the Limpopo Since 1800

HEH0330: Advanced Seminar Series on Land and Environment

Graduate Courses

MEH514: Agribusiness and Peasant Agriculture in Africa (Masters)

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