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    Faculty of ARTS

    Faculty of Arts is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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    Arts Degrees

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Additional entry requirements

A pass in the  BAA Level I examination with good marks in Economic History

Level 2 :  A student shall take and pass 12 courses, of which 2 may be core and 10 optional, or 12 optional          courses from the list under Level 3, with however, appropriate Level 2 codes

Level 3 :  A student shall take and pass 8 courses of which 2 may be core if these were not taken at Level 2,      and 6 or 8 optional courses from the list below provided they have not been taken at Level 2, and a                     Dissertation.

Level Course Code Description Prerequisite Course Units Status
2 HEH0010 Economic History of Zimbabwe 1890-1939  10



The Zimbabwean Economy Since 1939   10
HEH0030 Economic History of Southern  Africa & BNLS 10      


Countries Since 1800   10
HEH0040 Economic History of Southern Africa North of the Limpopo Since 1800   10 
HEH0050 Defence Industries, Arms Trade & Military Economies   10 
HEH0060 Rise of Mod. Europe: Theory & Debates on Development   10 
HEH0070 Economy & Rise in Western Europe pre-1914   10 
HEH0080 Economic History of Western Europe 1914 –1945   10 
HEH0090 Western Europe: Government in the Period Since 1945   10 
HEH0100 Economy and Society in Eastern Europe 1914 -1945   10 
HEH0110 Economic History of Pre-Colonial West Africa   10
HEH0120 Economic History of colonial West Africa   10
HEH0130 The Post-Colonial State & Economy in West Africa   10 
HEH0140 Economic History of Equatorial Africa   10
HEH0150 Economic History of Pre-Colonial East Africa   10
HEH0160 Economic History of Colonial East Africa   10
HEH0170 The State & Economy in Post-Colonial East Africa   10
HEH0180 Economic History of North Africa,  1800-1939   10
HEH0182 Economic History of North Africa Since 1939   10
HEH0190 Economic History of the Middle East Since 1914   10 
HEH0300 Economic History of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1914   10
HEH0200 Natural Resource Development in Middle & N. Africa   10 
HEH0310 Advanced Seminar: The Political Economy of Religion in the Middle East and North Africa   10 
HEH0220 Econ. & Soc. History of Latin America & Caribbean: The Colonial Period   10
HEH0230 Econ. & Soc. History of Modern Latin America & Caribbean   10
HEH0240 N. American Social and Economic History to 1865   10
HEH0250 N. American Social and Economic  History Since 1865   10
HEH0260 Economic History of Asia    10
HEH0270 Economic History of the Third World   10
HEH0280 Economic Co-operation in Africa   10
HEH0290 Economics of Post-Independent Africa   10
HEH0320 Advanced Seminar: Selected Topics in the Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa   10 
HEH0330 Advanced Seminar Series on Land and Environment    10
HEH0340 Advanced Seminar on Gender   10
HEH0350 Advanced Seminar Series: Development of Industry & Mining   10 
HEH0360 Advanced Seminar Series:  Urbanisation   10
HEH0420 Advanced Seminar Series: Comparative Religion    10
HEH0430 Advanced Seminar Series: Gobbet Papers   10
HEH0370 Economic History of Asia from Colonial Occupation to 1945   10 
HEH0380 Asian Economy from 1945 to the Rise of Asian Tigers   10 
HEH0390 Economic History of Eastern Europe before 1914   10
HEH0400 Economy and Society in Eastern Europe 1914 to 1945   10
HEH0410 Economy and Society in Eastern Europe Since 1945   10
3 HEH3370 Dissertation 40 Core
8 Courses from the above list 10 Optional

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