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    Faculty of ARTS

    Faculty of Arts is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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    Arts Degrees

    If you want to study Arts please click below to see a list of our Degree Programmes.

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Our Faculties


Additional entry requirements

A pass in the  BAA Level I examination with good marks in English

Level 2 :  A student shall take and pass 10 core courses and 2 options from the list below

Level 3 : A student shall take and pass 6 core courses and 2 options from the list below, and a Dissertation

Level Course Code Description Prerequisite Course Units Status
2 HEL0800 Language: An Introduction 10


HEL0400 Language: Advanced Study  10
HEL0810 African Literature: Fiction   10
HEL0410 African Literature: Poetry, Drama & Orature   10
HEL0420 Literature & Socialism: Theory and practice outside Africa   10 
 HEL0430 European Literary Genres: Comic & Satiric Modes   10
HEL0440 European Literary Genres: Heroic poetry and Tragedy   10 
 HEL0820 Theories of Literature inAfrica and African Diaspora   10
HEL2210 Introduction to Creative Writing    10
HEL0460 Advanced Creative Writing   10
HEL2230 English Literature: Poetry and Drama  10


HEL0850 European Literature: Fiction    10
HEL0470 Latin American Literature   10
HEL0480 American Literature: Fiction   10
HEL0490 Children’s Literature and Orature   10
HEL0500 Literature and the Media: An Introduction   10
HEL0510 English Literature: Fiction   10
HEL0860 European Literature: Poetry and Drama   10
HEL0530 Asian and Pacific Literatures   10
HEL0540 American Literature: Poetry and Drama   10
HEL0550 Children’s Literature in Zimbabwe and Africa   10
HEL0560 Literature and the Media in Africa   10
3 HEL0570 Literature & Socialism in Africa 10


HEL0580 Theories of Literature outside Africa   10
HEL0760 Zimbabwean Literature: Fiction   10
HEL0590 Zimbabwean Literature: Poetry, Drama & Orature   10
HEL0840 African American Literature   10
HEL0600 Caribbean Literature   10
HEL3370 Dissertation   40
HEL0610 Film & Literature: An Introduction   10 Optional
HEL0620 Popular Literature: Theory   10
HEL0630 Biographical and non-fiction writings in Africa   10
HEL0640 Russian Literature: Fiction   10
HEL0650 Film and Literature in Africa   10
HEL0660 Popular Literature: Practice   10
HEL0670 Biographical and non-fiction writings outside Africa   10
HEL0390 Russian Literature: Poetry and Drama   10
HEL0680 Literature & Gender Related Issues   10
HEL0690 Literature &  Social Movements   10

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