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    The Faculty of Commerce provides flexible and innovative educational and research opportunities with strong ties to business, finance, hospitality and entrepreneurship.

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Dr S. Gumbe

Dean & Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: PhD (UZ), MBA (UZ), BBS Hons (UZ)
Dean’s Professional Experience
Research interests:
Housing, Urban and Peri- Development, Environmental Systems and Planning

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +263 4 303211

Employment History

  • Senior Lecturer-Department of Business studies
  • Part-time Lecturer-UZ  Graduate School of Management
  • Branch Manager
  • Development Manager (SEDCO)
  • Training Officer and later Senior Training and Development Officer (SEDCO)

Community Service

  • Faculty Advisor and won the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) World Cup in 2005, University of Zimbabwe.
  • Transferred entrepreneurship development programmes to Uganda’s Management And Advisory Centre(MTAC)
  • Served as Proctor - UZ
  • External examiner for commercial subjects in the DTE (UZ)
  • External examiner for Great Zimbabwe University

Dean’s Refereed Publications

  1. S. Gumbe;  (2010) Leadership Skills- The African Executive issue 273 p1-6
  2. S. Gumbe and N. Kaseke (2010); Manufacturing Firms and Hyperinflation-survival options: the case of Zimbabwe manufacturers Journal Management and Marketing Research p1-26, ABBRI.
  3. N. Kaseke and S. Gumbe (2011); Survival strategies in hyperinflation for manufacturing firms (Harare), Lambert Academic Publishing.
  4. S. Gumbe, D. Svotwa and F. Mupambireyi (2011); An investigation into motivation techniques used by the University of Zimbabwe administration to retain staff: 2008-2011, IJMRA
  5. S. Gumbe, D. Svotwa and F. Mupambireyi (2011)Students’ Perspectives of the Industrial Attachment Programme: A Study of University of Zimbabwe Faculty of Commerce Students (2010- 2011)
  6. Samuel M. Gumbe and Isaac Chaneta (2014); Empowering Employees for Enhanced Firm Performance in Zimbabwe’s Manufacturing Sector: The Case for Bulawayo Based Manufacturers. AJBMR Vol.3 p34-49 ISSN1839-0846
  7. S. Gumbe and I. Chaneta Enhancing Business Opportunity (2014) Identification Processes in Zimbabwe’s Manufacturing Sector: The Case of Bulawayo’s manufacturing sector. IJMRA Vol.02 p 1-23 ISSN2321-1784
  8. S. Gumbe and I. Chaneta (2014) Enhancing Business Opportunity Identification Processes in Zimbabwe’s Manufacturing Sector: The Case of Harare’s manufacturing sector. UZ-Business Review p 1-15.
  9. Godfrey Muponda*, Samuel Gumbe, TatendaGanhaMoney market trading patterns in the absence of a central bank: Evidence from Zimbabwe’s banking sector. International Journal of Development and Sustainability ISSN: 2186-8662 – Volume 3 Number 9 (2014): Pages 1946-1957
  10. S. Gumbe (2015) Intrapreneurship as an Alternative Strategy to Firms’ Competitiveness: The Case of Harare Based Manufacturers. IJPSSVol.5 Issue 8 p 77-105 ISSN2249-5894
  11. Product Management Strategies in a Dollarised Economy. A Case of Zimbabwe’s Consumer Product Manufacturing Sector (2009-2014). Samuel Gumbe and Godfrey Muponda, (2015). International Journal Of Marketing And Technology ISSN: 2249-1058 Vol.5, Issue 12 P118-130 
  12. The Strategy Implementation Approach as an Alternative to Improving Programmes Implementation in Zimbabwe’s Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs): The Case of a Selected Peace Building NGO. Samuel M. Gumbe and Anesu W. Vere, (2016). Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development ISSN 2222-1700 Vol.7, No.14, 2016 P119-125.
  13. Exploring the Barriers to Social Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe: The Case of Graduate Professional Social Workers in Harare, Samuel M. Gumbe and TendaiTowera, (2016). Journal of Poverty, Investment and Development ISSN 2422-846X Vol.26, 2016 P37-43.

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