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Dr Prolific S. Mataruse

Senior Lecturer

dr prolific

Dr Prolific S. Mataruse

Qualifications: PhD. in Political and International Studies (Rhodes University); MSc International Relations (University of Zimbabwe); and BSc (Hons) in Political Science (University of Zimbabwe).

Cell: +263 778842354

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Prolific Mataruse is an emerging scholar who has been extensively involved in rethinking Zimbabwean politics including the current constitution, civil society, political economy and foreign policy. He is involved with youth organizations and is part of several academic networks. Currently he is working on understanding Chinese investments in Zimbabwe, bottom-up solutions in Zimbabwe, and the global economic positionality of Zimbabwe.

Research Areas

Political economy, international economic relations, decolonization, leftist studies, youth, and higher educational transformation.

Publications and Research Profile

Team Research

  1. Post and Telecommunications Consumer Satisfaction Survey, University of Zimbabwe Department of Computer Science and the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (2015).
  2. AfroBarometer Round 6 on Post-Election Survey 2014
  3. AfroBarometer Round 5.5 on the Quality of Elections. 2013.
  4. Social Relationship Survey, Mass Public Opinion Institute and Big Sandy University (USA)

Community Service

He is a Varieties of Democracy expert research - V-Dem Institute (2020-present), at the Department of Political Science University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He has worked with the Chitungwiza residents, community organizations and council in seeking a lasting solution to the water problem in the town. He sits on several committees in the Department of Governance and Public Management; and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. He also drafted key documents in pursuit of Education 5.0 programming and has advised several organizations in Zimbabwe on a consultancy and voluntary basis.


Through working with organizations such as the Government of Zimbabwe, NATO South Hub, Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association, Heal Zimbabwe, Southern African Youth Forum, Citizens Manifesto, National Association of Youth Organizations and Transparency International Zimbabwe, Prolific has worked on reducing abstract concepts into actionable points.


Prolific is currently working on an online project titled Soul of Innovation and the construction of a data base on Chinese investments in Zimbabwe. He has developed a training manual for Civic engagement for Citizens Manifesto and a Handbook on Chinese investments in Zimbabwe with a special focus on a general sectoral analysis and particular attention to Chrome, Gold, and Diamonds. In 2020 as Board Chairperson of the Southern African Youth Forum they organized the successful Second Southern African Youth Forum which was held in Mozambique just before the SADC Heads of State of Summit and released key points that were subsequently considered by the summit.

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