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    College of Health Sciences

    The College is home to 21 teaching departments, one School and an Institute of Continuing Health Education

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    CHS Degrees

    The path of the healthcare professional is not an easy one, but the rewards by far outweigh the disadvantages

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College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

Welcome to the College of Health Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe.  I trust that you will find our site informative – whether you are a student seeking information about undergraduate degrees or postgraduate study and research opportunities, or a member of the public or a potential collaborator.

The College is home to 21 teaching departments, one School and an Institute of Continuing Health Education that offer a wide variety of educational, research and career options within the context of health care.

As a profession, health service is enormously rewarding – from bringing new lives into the world, to rehabilitating accident victims and performing lifesaving surgery.  It takes hard work and dedication to become a competent pharmacist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse, dentist, medical laboratory scientist, radiographer or doctor. 

The path of the healthcare professional is not an easy one, but the rewards by far outweigh the disadvantages.  You have the satisfaction of knowing that you are caring for and making people feel better – helping them to recover or live more comfortably with their condition.

The College of Health Sciences is committed to the training of Health Care Delivery personnel to meet the health needs of the people of Zimbabwe.  Training is geared towards primary health care with emphasis on a preventive rather than curative approach.

As an institute of higher learning, the College takes academic excellence as the hallmark of its existence.  To that extent, the College encourages the promotion and enhancement of science through relevant research.


To be a referenced teaching, training, research and international leader in Africa and beyond in evidence based training, innovative student learning and health care delivery.

Mission Statement

To provide a conducive environment for evidence based, high quality, community oriented and community driven training and learning of health professionals.  To be a clinical and research centre of excellence and source of high quality health consultancy services.


The College of Health Sciences, commonly known as the Medical School, was initially established in 1963, under the auspices of the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.   The College of Health Sciences has undergone significant growth and expansion.  It is the leading training institution for health professionals in Zimbabwe.  It currently offers degree programmes in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing Science, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Rehabilitation, Radiology and Health Education & Health Promotion. An Institute of Continuing Health Education in the College caters for the specialist postgraduate training and continuing health education needs for all health professionals.

The College has two campuses:  the “College of Health Sciences on Campus” is situated at the University of Zimbabwe, Main Campus in the Mount Pleasant area.  This houses the School of Pharmacy and the pre-clinical departments of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology, a Cabinet Making Workshop and Electron Microscope Unit.

The second College of Health Sciences campus is situated at the Parirenyatwa Hospital grounds, Mazowe Street. Teaching hospital facilities for all clinical departments are available at the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals and Harare Central Hospitals.  The clinical departments in this campus are supported by the following units: Drug & Toxicology Information Service, Multi-Disciplinary Teaching Laboratories, Multimedia Resource Centre, Mechanical and Electron Workshops.  Limited student accommodation is also available at the Parirenyatwa Campus

The College has a number of good training facilities at the Main Campus, the Parirenyatwa Hospital complex and Harare Central Hospital.  At the Main Campus, there are  a number of large and state of the art laboratories, a 140 seater and two 200-seater lecture theatres – one of them is fitted with virtual lecture facilities.

At the Parirenyatwa Hospital Campus, the Health Sciences Building comprises of offices, a modern Multimedia Resource Centre, tutorial rooms, a 160 capacity laboratory, two modern 108 capacity lecture theatres each, several small group teaching seminar rooms and a histology museum.  Clinical teaching takes place at Harare and Parirenyatwa Central Hospitals.  Each teaching hospital has about 1200 beds.

The College of Health Sciences has a Library housed at the Parirenyatwa Hospital Campus which also serves as the country’s national focal point for health information, and is the only comprehensive source of biomedical and health information in Zimbabwe.   It has a branch at Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo. For more information, please check from the Library website address:

The Multimedia Resource Centre produces high quality multimedia products for teaching, learning, research and outreach purposes as well as the commercial market.  Its activities are based on operational dimensions of educational technology, like media design, media development, media utilization, media centre management and evaluation (including technical quality control during production).

The Julius Robinson Centre is located in the Chiweshe District close to Howard Institute.  It is an ideal location for seminars and conferences.  The conference room has a sitting capacity of 35 delegates.

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