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Department of Peace Security and Society

The Department of Peace Security and Society advances interdisciplinary research and teaching on the causes and drivers of conflict at different levels and the conditions shaping its resolution, management and transformation. Its thrust on disaster management promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching on the best ways to mitigate the effects of disasters and build resilient communities through enhancing preparedness, recovery, mitigation and response by different stakeholders. The research programmes and related activities seek to achieve both negative and positive peace in Zimbabwean societies and beyond through promoting the equitable distribution and sustainable use of resources for non-violent responses to conflict and disasters.

The teaching staff, visiting fellows, industrial experts and postgraduate students share the common goal of undertaking innovative research that cuts across peace journalism, civil-military relations, transitional justice, human security, environmental security, African security, conflict resolution, gender and conflict, peacebuilding, religion and conflict, non-violence, human rights, migration and security, disaster management,  reconciliation, military history and international peace.



 Brig Gen (Retd) Dr Max John Chinyanganya

Qualifications: DPhil Social Studies (UZ 2005), Certificate in International Humanitarian Law (San Remo, Italy 1998), MSc IR (UZ 1998), Post Grad Certificate in Defence and Security Studies (Wits, RSA 1997) BA Hons War and Strategic Studies (UZ 1994) and Dip War and Strategic Studies (UZ 1992)

Research focus/area: Military history, International Relations, Gender and Conflict and International Diplomacy

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