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Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Studies

Chairperson & Senior Lecturer

Dr. Dorothy M.F Zengeni
Dorothy M.F Zengeni is a Doctor of Philosophy holder in Tourism Management. She is currently the Chairperson and a Research fellow in the Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality at the University of Zimbabwe. Her research interest are in line with Tourism Destination Competitiveness, focusing on infrastructure.

The Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Studies (TLHS), is a regional centre of excellence in the academic and professional training and capacity building of practitioners in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. To this end, the Department is geared to producing quality graduates and researchers at the same time collaborating with the public and private sectors in the development of sustainable tourism and natural resource utilization, consultancies and capacity enhancement programmes for the benefit of stakeholders. The Tourism and Hospitality Management Programme’s graduates are trained to venture into entrepreneurial activities or get employed within the aviation, hospitality, tour operations, and destination management organisations among others.
In keeping with the greater University of Zimbabwe strategic plan which envisages the mainstreaming of Post graduate training and higher level capacity enhancement, the department runs Master’s Programmes and doctoral training following the needs of the country.

To be the leading Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Training, Capacity development and Consultancy Services Provider in Zimbabwe and beyond.

To enhance the viability and productivity of the Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality industry in Zimbabwe through needs oriented and responsive training, capacity building and consultancy services.

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Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Studies
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