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Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention
1)Active Participation

Every member of the community is expected to participate in crime prevention. Preventing crime is a team effort. Proactive crime prevention and security consciousness help to ensure a safe and secure environment enabling work and study to take place with little or no disruption. Staff and students should play a part in making every conceivable effort to counter the threat of crime. This can be achieved by complying with the following:-

  • All suspicious activity should be promptly reported to the Security Department
  • Personal valuables should be locked away or placed out of sight or kept on the person.
  • Offices, laboratories, study bedrooms, workshops etc, must be locked upon leaving and windows closed.
  • All valuables such as laptops, computer consumables and any other equipment which does not belong to the university must be declared at the Security Control Room.
  • Windows and curtains or blinds should be closed during the evening and lights (with the exception of security lights) should be switched off when leaving.
  • All incidents of a criminal nature on university premises, real or suspected, should be promptly reported to the Security Control Room.

2) Incident Reporting

It is the responsibility of all staff and students to report all activity, real or suspected, minor or serious, of a suspicious or criminal nature. This is because incident reporting is crucial to the identification of a crime. It facilitates investigations and recommendations to be made to prevent or minimize the chances of recurrence. Comprehensive reporting of incidents provides an accurate picture and assessment of the level and patterns of crime on campus and helps the Security Department to ensure that adequate resources and measures are provided or put in place to prevent or minimize crime. Success in the Security Department’s fight against crime is greatly enhanced by fast and detailed reporting.

Procedure – Incident Reporting

  1. All incidents of a security nature must be reported to the Security Control Room either in person or by phoning extension 777 or Direct Line 04-303216. These numbers are reachable 24 hours a day.
  2. All information should be provided – date, time, location, person involved, items missing, value, identifying marks, names of witnesses etc.
  3. A Report Received Book entry will immediately be opened, and the crime scene will be visited by security staff at the earliest opportunity and investigations will commence. The accused person will be taken into custody (if he is still there), statements will be recorded, exhibits will be collected and any other appropriate action will be taken.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Security Department to report the crime incident to the Police if it is necessary to do so.

3)Functions, Meetings, Special Events

Departments must inform the Security Department, giving at least 5 working days notice, of any important meetings, events and functions, especially when non- university persons or V.I.Ps are attending and which are to be held on campus. The following information is to be sent:

  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Name and department of host member with contact telephone numbers
  • Number of persons expected to attend
  • Any special parking arrangements required
  • In some cases proof of authorization from the Vice – Chancellor may be required

4)Security and Safety Tips

Keep doors locked when away from your office, room or work station. Lock away valuables securely.
Report presence of strangers and suspicious behaviour. Get to know your neighbour and share information about suspicious activities
Avoid poorly lit secluded areas. If this is unavoidable walk in the company of another person
Be aware of your surroundings and any signs that something is amiss or out of place
Lock bicycles using strong cables or heavy chains, even when leaving it unattended for just a few minutes
Avoid keeping large sums of money in your office or room
Mark your property for quick identification. Keep a record of serial numbers of valuable property
Do not attach your identity card to your keys or mark your keys with a name and office or home address
Do not loan out office or room keys or allow them to be duplicated
In any big city like Harare, theft of motor vehicles and theft from vehicles are common crimes. Possible anti-theft measures you should consider are as follows:

  • Lock all doors and close windows soon after parking
  • If you can afford, secure your car with an electronic alarm system. Cheaper vehicle security gadgets are also available on the market e.g steering locks
  • Store valuables out of sight or locked in the boot of your car. Do not drive with handbags, briefcases, laptops etc visible on any of the seats in your vehicle
  • If you don’t use your car regularly, check on it every day or two.
  • Immediately report all thefts as well as suspicious activity in parking areas or near parked cars
  • Never leave the engine running whilst you are not in the vehicle. Always remove the ignition keys when you are not driving
  • Lock doors and windows when driving at night or when passing through isolated places
  • It is advisable not to resist armed carjackers. Your car can be replaced. Your life cannot – you only live once

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